Sims You Should Know: The Vampires

The Founders — Vlad Schlick, Elvira Slayer, and Sarah Abraham
Vlad Schlick

Vlad Schlick

Vlad Schlick and Elvira Slayer were imported from Bridgeport. The brief time I spent playing in Bridgeport convinced me that as alluring as the bright lights and big city are, tiny apartments and big families don’t mix well together. Rather than return to my game in the bloated save file of Barnacle Bay, I packed up my sims and we headed off into the Sunset.

Elvira Slayer

Elvira Slayer

Upon their arrival to Sunset Valley, Vlad and Elvira were established as roommates. They later married…. and divorced. They continued to live together until Vlad had one date too many with one of the local gigolos. When Zelda became pregnant, Vlad decided to move in with her. Zelda gave birth to a little girl they named Irina. She was born a vampire and inherited her father’s evil trait. When Irina was a toddler Vlad moved in with the lovely vampiress, Sarah Abraham, taking Irina with him.

Sarah Abraham

Sarah Abraham

Sarah Abraham is a custom sim initially introduced to the story in Bridgeport as a teenage vampire, she was still a teen upon arrival in Sunset Valley. She was a young adult by the time she met Vlad and invited him to move in with her and her roommate. Not long after, she gave birth to Vlad’s second daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte also inherited dad’s evil trait, and with both parents being vampires that was a given as well. As noted earlier in the introduction to the Kassanova clan, Vlad also had twin daughters with Annie Oseguera. Thankfully they inherited their traits from their mother’s family. Neither of them was evil. It was a sad evening when Daria caught fire and burned to death.

As a young adult vampire, Irina was a member of Elvira’s Nosferatu clan and truly enjoyed playing games with the hapless sims. Unfortunately for her, she had a rough encounter with a member of either the Helsing or Slayer clan. She was battered and bruised and decided a trip to the hospital was in order. She died just outside the hospital door. Charlotte was an evil thing: not only a member of the Nosferatu, but she was also the local Kingpin and was quickly gaining success along the criminal career path. Elvira was feeling ever so slightly threatened by the beautiful blonde who was on track to take over. One day Charlotte mysteriously drowned. And another name was added to Elvira’s hit list.

Ah yes, the hit list. Elvira is Sunset Valley’s first ever assassin. She developed this skill on her own, with a little help from StoryProgression and Twallan’s assassination mod. After much research it seems that Charlotte wasn’t her first, but rather her third, kill. The first two died horribly agonizing deaths by exsanguination (they bled to death) which bears a striking resemblance to a vampire dying from exposure (or dying at the front door of the hospital). To date, Elvira has snuffed the life from nine sims. Well, technically eight. She killed Vlad twice. She really doesn’t like competition.

Shortly after Elvira’s first hit against Vlad he was added to the Gigolo clan and El was his first customer. She has since been established as a regular with him — and now has twin boys fathered by him, Elijah (the good little vampire) and Randy (who inherited the evil trait). Even in their cribs they don’t like each other.

Elvira however isn’t the only assassin in Sunset Valley. Remember what I said about competition? Vlad is the other. He seems to be her target whenever he gets close to matching (or besting) her score. He’s his own worst enemy in this little game though — so far almost all his targets have been friends and almost all his hits were in crowded public places. He spends a few hours in jail nearly every sim-day. Soon it will begin taking a toll on his career in law enforcement. His chances of reaching his lifetime wish of being an International Super Spy will surely begin to drop with each new arrest.

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