Sims You Should Know: The Pesces

A Legacy Family Founded By Moe and Cindy Pesce


Moe and Cindy (nee Rella) Pesce are another legacy couple in my game. Their love has lasted through some of the worst things life could throw at them, including death, life as ghosts, and resurrection from the dead. They produced three daughters: Allie (mentioned on the Kassanova page for marrying Shaun), and Katelyn and Kayla (twins) during their first lifetime together.


Grandpa Moe with Reagan

Allie was a young adult, married to Eric Charming, with a child of her own (Alex), by the time the twins came along. Allie had moved into the large house Eric Charming shared with Candie Cane. After Eric’s death, Allie was not only allowed to stay but when she married Shaun she was able to invite him and Shaun Jr. to move in. Later the same invitation was extended to her parents and sisters. Katelyn, Kayla, Alex, and Shaun Jr. grew up together as brothers and sisters rather than getting hung up on the official titles of aunt or step-brother or whatever. When Reagan and Mallory came along there was no shortage of teens and grandparents around to help care for the babies.

Katelyn married Danny Sullivan and produced Molly, Caleb, Matthew, and Tara. Molly married Jason Rao (a ghost, and Genny Rao’s big brother) and they adopted Johnny. Johnny has 2 kids — Logan Abraham and Regan Behrens — but has never married. Matthew is married to Marie (nee Wilson, daughter of Joshua, see below) and they have 2 daughters, Janna and Erica. Tara married into the Landgraab family but died before having any children. Her death came while assisting her mother, the local Slayer, in the noble quest to rid the town of vampires.

Kayla married Ryan Wilson and they had Joshua, Owen, and Luke. Joshua married Zelda Mae when she got pregnant with Marie. Later they introduced Jonah to the world. Joshua, the long-time Casanova, also has a child, Edgar, from his relationship with Angelina Frio, the town Gigolo. (It should probably be noted that Zelda Mae was also a gigolo, and it was that avocation that caused Joshua to end their marriage.) Like his cousin Tara, Jonah died battling the vampire scourge as a member of the Slayer clan.

Moe and Sarah, before KerryAnn

Moe and Sarah, before KerryAnn

Recently, Moe was feeling his oats and produced a child out of wedlock. KerryAnn is the youngest (so far) of the Pesce children. Her mother, Sarah Abraham, is the local Tart and has worked with the Gigolo clan. Although Cindy wasn’t happy about this situation, she stayed with Moe and they worked through their differences. Cindy recently passed away, leaving Moe free to explore his options as the leader of the community’s Lestat clan. Moe’s life on the dark side, (as a vampire, that is) didn’t start until after moving to Sunset Valley. It was during his affair with Sarah that she went to nibble on his ear and missed. Being a vampire, however, has one major benefit — immortality. As long as Moe remains on the dark side, he also remains an adult with all the strength, vitality, and virility that goes with it.

Update: Moe has fathered additional children since the original writing. His latest is Jordan, whose mother died just two days after his birth. Another daughter is on the way.
Update 2: Moe’s youngest, Kristin, was born to Vlad and Sarah’s daughter, Janie, and was born a vampire like her parents. Sadly, Janie’s role in the Nosferatu got her killed while the child was still a toddler. Although she was loved by her uncles, it was decided that Kristen would be better off if she went to live with her father, who was also raising Jordan. Soon after, Moe invited Sarah to move in to help raise the children. Vlad wasn’t terribly happy about losing his favorite roommate, but the arrangement worked out well for the kids. Kristen recently became a Young Adult and got married.

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