Sims You Should Know: The Kassanovas

Lance Kassanova, Leader of the Free World

Lance Kassanova, Leader of the Free World

Kiki Kassanova, Dynamic DNA Specialist

Kiki Kassanova, Dynamic DNA Specialist/Romance Novelist

A legacy family founded by Lance and Kiki Kassanova.

Lance and Kiki were happily married DINKS* living in Sunset Valley. I had started a new game in Barnacle Bay, using likenesses of Lance and Kiki as the basis of two of the main characters (Eric Charming and Cindy Rella). The game was going along nicely when I decided that I missed Lance and Kiki and moved them, and their home, to Barnacle Bay. By that time I had Twallan’s StoryProgression running, so while I was playing my regular household, Lance and Kiki became parents to Shaun and Elisabeth. Elisabeth never married, never moved out of her parents’ home, but did have a son, Drew. His father was a local fireman by the name of Moe Pesce. Elisabeth died in Barnacle Bay, and Drew was among those chosen to stay behind.

Shaun and Allie Kassanova

Shaun and Allie Kassanova

Shaun initially married his high school sweetheart and had two sons with her. They got divorced and Shaun married Allie shortly after Allie’s first husband (Eric Charming) passed away. Shaun’s oldest son, Cassidy, didn’t make the trip to Sunset Valley. Shaun and Allie had two daughters together, Reagan and Mallory.


Reagan Kassanova (Shaun + Allie)

Reagan married Jamie Wright and had 4 children: Billy, Kelsey, Reilly, and Meghan. Jamie divorced Reagan shortly after Meghan’s birth (there were some questions about who her father really was — no one thought to ask about Reilly’s dad). Reagan remained a single mom until after the move to Sunset Valley. Her kids were out of school and getting on with their lives when she met, and married, Mickey Finn. She decided she would have one more child with him, and Adrianna Finn was brought into the world.

Mallory married Tommy Oseguera, a member of the Barnacle Bay townie population, while they were still in high school. Their daughters are Sophie, Mackenzie, Annie, and Heather and Helena (twins). They adopted another daughter, Christina, when her mother, Sandra, died. Christina was approximately the same age as Sophie and they were growing up together in the Kassanova mansion, so the adoption was a logical choice. Christina’s father was Lance Kassanova, who had already passed before Sandra’s death — well, technically, he was a ghost when Christina was conceived but then returned to the netherworld while she was a toddler. So… Christina is actually Shaun’s baby sister but due to the age difference and the fact she was raised as an Oseguera, this detail is readily overlooked.

Christina married Luke Wilson. They have two kids, Jamie and Nicholas. Sophie never married, choosing instead to devote herself to her career as a firefighter and her great loves of painting and sculpting. Mackenzie married the resurrected Eric Charming and gave birth to two girls, Rapunzel and Belle. The remaining Oseguera girls are detailed more fully below.

Shaun Jr. (genetic transfer from Shaun)

Shaun Jr. (genetic transfer from Shaun)

Shaun’s youngest son, Shaun Jr., married Rose Red, and together they had Tony and DJ (short for Don Juan). Rose left Shaun Jr. and wasn’t part of the family when it came time to move. She didn’t make the journey to Sunset Valley, but the boys did. Tony never married after the move, choosing instead to serve as the local Helsing, ridding the community of vampires. Both Shaun Jr. and Tony recently died of old age.
(Update: The ghost of Shaun Jr. discovered a plate of Ambrosia at his stepmother’s house and has returned to the game as a young adult.)


DJ Kassanova

DJ married his high school sweetheart, Genny Rao (a ghost), while still in Barnacle Bay. They adopted an infant girl whom they named Erin. She never married, but spent her life pursuing her career as a World Renown Surgeon and sharing her home with her friend, Meghan Wright. DJ and Genny broke up after the move and DJ married Reilly Wright. Together they raised Cory, Jessie, and Evan. Erin was recently murdered and Reilly died of old age. DJ is taking his current bachelor-hood quite seriously holding the position of Town Casanova.
(Kind of appropriate for someone named Don Juan, don’t ya think?)

Cory married Annie Oseguera shortly after she gave birth to twins, Dasha and Daria Schlick. They were fathered by Vlad Schlick during a brief tryst/marriage. Together, Cory and Annie had Amanda shortly after they married. Annie’s mother, Mallory, gave birth to Heather and Helena the day after Annie’s twins were born. Annie’s father, Tommy had already died, leaving Mallory an unwed mother in her old age. Mallory died before the girls started school, leaving the newlywed Young Adults with four toddlers and an infant to raise. While still in high school, Daria died in a horrible accident as she worked on a new invention. Dasha has married Gino Hall; Heather lives at home and has taken on the responsibility of being the Slayer; and Amanda is still in high school. Helena married Evan Kassanova, Cory’s little brother. They now have one son, Andre, and another child on the way.
Update: Evan and Helena had 2 sons, Andre & Shaun3, and a daughter, Noelle. Cory eventually remarried. His wife, Aisha, is expecting a boy any hour now. Cory choked to death during a pie eating contest at the Fall Festival.
Update 2: Noelle was murdered by Elvira while visiting the Kassanova-Pesce Happy Haunts Cemetery. More recently, Cory’s son Blaine and granddaughter Autumn also fell victim to the assassin. 

Jessie and Nate, aka The Hayes Bunnies, seen hard at work shortly after bringing home baby #4... or was it #5?

Jessie and Nate, aka The Hayes Bunnies, seen hard at work shortly after bringing home baby #4.

Jessie married Nate Hayes. They currently have four children, Brandon, Hannibal and Hannah (twins), and Brianna. Brandon is a teen, the twins are in grade school, and Brie is a toddler. Judging by their autonomous activity of choice, they’ve decided they’d like to have a big family.

Brandon Hayes

Brandon Hayes

Update: The Hayes bunnies eventually had 8 children: Brandon, Hannibal and Hannah, Brianna, Gracie, Grant, Emma, and Ethan. Grant died as a teen after a failed attempt at slaying a vampire.
Update 2: Hannah and Hannibal both died of old age, Emma died in an accident, and Ethan was recently murdered outside the diner. Brianna and Grace both became vampires. Bri inherited the family manor and shares it with cousin Shaun3 and Ava Charming. Grace married Isaac Abraham and now has 3 children: Hope, Faith, and Judah.

*Dual Income No Kids

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