What’s It All About?

Sunset Valley

The Sims 3. Well, more specifically, my Sims 3 games. I’ll be sharing pics and stories about the activities, antics, and loveable/detestable characters encountered while playing the game.

I use a lot of mods in my game — not as many as some, but a lot more than others. Most of them come from the mod god, Twallan, and are available at his NRaas Industries site. He has a full suite of routinely updated mods that can do everything from make the game run more smoothly, fix the bugs left behind by EA, or add new functions, interactions, and story progression. If you’re playing The Sims 3 and encounter any kind of problem, you’ll want to stop by his site immediately. Chances are he already has a solution.

Most of the stories that take place in the game are generated by StoryProgression, along with input from a few of the personality mods (Vampires and Slayers, Cops and Robbers, Lovers). Stories that involve the Naughty Little Assassins are generated by the Assassination career mod, which requires the Careers base mod. If I haven’t provided a direct link, just follow any of them and then look at the navigation to the left. You should be able to find your way to the others. As I write the stories I will try to include links to mods whenever they’re mentioned.

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