I love a good BOGO

originally posted April 20, 2012


Shaun Kassanova and the Plumbob of Death

Yesterday I went out to purchase a copy of the Pets EP. I’d found it on Amazon and Walmart for $30, so my intent was to pick it up at Walmart. But then I decided to check at Target… just to make sure I’d done my due diligence. For that little bit of inspiration I thank God — all Sims 3 packs were Buy 1 Get 1 Free! The price for Pets was $40, but to get World Adventures thrown I was willing to pay the extra. Now I’m wondering if Walmart’s ad match guarantee would get me the EPs there for only $30…. I may just have to find a copy of Target’s ad and find out. Yeah, I know you aren’t supposed to have to take the ad with you, but it doesn’t hurt. 🙂

I just installed both EPs and launched the game. So far so good. Hopefully I won’t develop any wanderlust and decide that my sims need to visit Egypt, China, or France. I’m still seeing lots of travel related issues over at the Nraas site. I’m also trying to disable any animal spawning. I’ve got my hands full just with the Hayes family, Vlad, and Elvira. I’ll add them in soon enough, I’m sure. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t go for long without cats, dogs, or horses. Hmm… they seem to have forgotten chickens. The natural source of eggs (no, they don’t grow on egg plants) weren’t included. Peculiar. I would have had hens running around the Hayes’ apartment immediately. lol