University Life, 2nd Term

University 7Last time we left off with Moe finishing up his first term at Sims University and getting ready to head back to Barnacle Bay. Alone. All by himself. Back to his lonely little fishing shanty. Without his girlfriend, Ashley. So, let’s get on with the story. He was picked up in front of the frat house by the Port-a-Party truck (yeah, me too, I always want to say Port-a-Potty) and mysteri-magically transported back to his island home. Equally mysteri-magical was that he arrived in front of the Port-a-Party warehouse. There was no Port-a-Party warehouse when he left. I was also rather surprised to discover that Mick’s Master Kareoke and the Flying V Coffeehouse had sprung up like mushrooms while we were gone. All three venues were placed without my knowledge (actually when asked if I wanted to place the Showtime venues I quite specifically said “No!”). They are a serious blight to the landscape. But whatever, there they are and since this is just a test game I’m not gonna get all fired up over it.
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