Meaner Than a Hornet

naughty-little-assassin-2So… last night Elvira killed Michael outside the bookstore — and was arrested and taken to jail. After spending 8 hours playing dominoes, working out, or trying to tempt the key-holding dog with a bone, she was released. I tried to convince twallan to figure out how to increase the mandatory sentencing based on a sim’s rate of recidivism but it seems he retired before that became a reality. 😦 Hm… maybe Chain_Reaction would be able to make it happen… Oh Chaaaaainnnnn…! 😉 Anyway, Elvira and Vlad should both have to spend at least 12 hours in lockup at this point — she’s got 29 notches on her bedpost and he’s got 32! (They’ve both been officially declared psychopaths.) Continue reading

A Hearty Thank You and a Sad Farewell

originalThose of you who have read my posts before know that my Sims 3 game relies extensively on the work of twallan, the mod god… the master. Whenever people on his wiki would speculate about the arrival of The Sims 4, he made it clear that he wasn’t going to continue on with the franchise. I think we all just assumed he’d be around until then, so it was with great shock that I read his State of the Mod entry on January 5, 2014 — when he announced his retirement from modding The Sims 3. Continue reading

Just wanna say “Hi!”

All My Children, starring Vlad Schlick (click on the image for a better view)

All My Children, starring Vlad Schlick (click on the image for a better view)

So, “Hi!” to all my friends from NRaas Industries (aka twallan’s site). I’m always amazed at how many of you drop by — especially when I haven’t posted links to any salacious pictures. lol

I don’t have any kind of guest book set up, but I’d love it if you took a second to post a comment and let me know you were here. Thanks for taking the time to pop in.  😀

For everyone else — all y’all are appreciated too! I’d love to know who you are and where you’re coming from, and what brought you to my little ole blog.