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This site will still remain available for awhile due to the fact that it ranks very high in Google searches for animated woohoo (what is up with that??? lol), however all new updates will be added to the new site and pages not related to animated woohoo may slowly start to disappear from this location.

We’re moving!

The Reaper’s Work is Never Done

Grim's swimwear

Grim’s swimwear

Yesterday was Dennis and Charity’s second anniversary. Yea them! Playing the game with my daughter watching means coming up with new ideas about how to keep these characters occupied — ‘cuz you know, that whole woohoo thing that they like so much has to be toned down a lot (read: eliminated) when the kid is around — so I decided it would be fun to let Dennis throw a house party to celebrate the occasion. I forgot to notice that although it was spring, it was still freezing, so I had him set the dress code to swimwear. At least I forgot to set it up as a pool party, so no one was actually trying to go swimming. Continue reading

Getting Caught Up. . . Again

Vlad and Elvira in Moonlight Hollow.

A couple days ago Elvira killed Mindy Bays — wife of Michael (an earlier victim), live-in girlfriend of Adam Schlick (and mother of his last child). Then last night she killed Renee Schlick, the gold-digging former wife of Steven Schlick — also an earlier victim. Looks like Elvira is trying to keep her assassinations relative these days. Prior to this, just about a sim-week ago, she killed Zach’s wife, Marcia. Anyway, El now has 36 kills under her belt. Vlad only has 32, so he’d better get to work. Continue reading