StoryProgression: How to Create a Caste to Prevent Pregnancies

A friend over at the NRaas site asked to see how I have my No Babies caste set up when she heard that I’m able to keep a select group of sims from reproducing (most have already flooded the gene pool in SV2E — like Vlad and Sarah, shown above).

Rather than try to explain in painstaking detail how to set it up, I’m posting pictures of the caste settings. To access the option to create a caste, from city hall, a computer, or any sim you want in the caste go to NRaas > StoryProgression > Caste Options > (Add New Caste) then change the settings to match what are shown here. Continue reading

Getting Caught Up. . . Again

Vlad and Elvira in Moonlight Hollow.

A couple days ago Elvira killed Mindy Bays — wife of Michael (an earlier victim), live-in girlfriend of Adam Schlick (and mother of his last child). Then last night she killed Renee Schlick, the gold-digging former wife of Steven Schlick — also an earlier victim. Looks like Elvira is trying to keep her assassinations relative these days. Prior to this, just about a sim-week ago, she killed Zach’s wife, Marcia. Anyway, El now has 36 kills under her belt. Vlad only has 32, so he’d better get to work. Continue reading

Well… That Didn’t Take Long

Elvira-houseRemember back here where I told you about new coworkers moving in on my families? Remember how I was trying to decide what to do with the family that had been recklessly placed in harm’s way at Elvira’s house? I discovered that the father had been given a job with The Family and might actually have been a coworker for Joey — who’s been sitting alone at the bistro for years — so I let them stay. And I thought it would be interesting to see if they fared even half as well as Justin DiNapoli, a young man El took in when his father died. Continue reading

Hannah and Joey Get Divorced?

Joey with SunflowersSo I get this popup — Joey Schlick has gotten a divorce, do I want to change his last name? Excuse me??? That marriage has been protected since forever! I thought for sure I had checked on that little detail when the new phase of StoryProgression dropped some of my settings. Then, while dealing with the name change popups (got one for Hannah, too), a notice pops up with Joey declaring his undying animosity toward Sergei! Ok… what’s up with that? Then another notice pops up with Carol Brady saying how much she loves the taste of Joey’s pale skin and the feel of his breath upon her neck! It would seem Joey hates Sergei for stealing his mistress, who he then dumped his wife for and has promptly stolen away from his little brother……. or something. LMAO
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Vlad Goes to College

Vlad-speechOk… so yesterday I sent my little Vlad off to Sims University. I was so proud of him — he aced his aptitude test, scoring 400 out of 400 in all but one field of study. Such a good boy, my Vlad. He’s majoring in technology so he can get a boost in his law enforcement career when he gets back home. (Never mind that he’s already at level 10… that is totally beside the point.)
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