Getting Caught Up. . . Again

Vlad and Elvira in Moonlight Hollow.

A couple days ago Elvira killed Mindy Bays — wife of Michael (an earlier victim), live-in girlfriend of Adam Schlick (and mother of his last child). Then last night she killed Renee Schlick, the gold-digging former wife of Steven Schlick — also an earlier victim. Looks like Elvira is trying to keep her assassinations relative these days. Prior to this, just about a sim-week ago, she killed Zach’s wife, Marcia. Anyway, El now has 36 kills under her belt. Vlad only has 32, so he’d better get to work. Continue reading

Third Time’s a Charm

3rd-times-charm-1So there I was… watching the world from map view…

When all of a sudden the camera jumped. Again. Third time today. And there was Elvira, right in the middle of it. And what’s that black stuff around her? Is that smoke?

Dropping in for a closer look I see something in the bistro courtyard is being thoroughly consumed by fire. Elvira is just off to the side letting loose with an evil cackle. Nothing is visible from inside the smoke except the flames. One question immediately comes to mind: Who is it this time?

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Tawdry Tales of Fun in the Sun

WadeSandcastle1In spite of entering the new game with only 1 or 2 of Vlad’s traits, Wade Richter is all about living up to his non-forefather’s lust for life. The same with his wife, Rebecca (Baugh) Richter, who hardly shares anything in common with the original Sarah except her appearance and voice. And her need for woohoo. The second her husband walks through the door she’s spinning into nakedness and waiting for him to join her in the bed. He can’t even stop to say hello or check on the baby. And as he’s going to the bed a second woohoo icon — oh, excuse me, a “relax” icon — appears. It seems once a night is not enough, no matter how tired he is after a long day spent at the office — scuba diving. And holy schmoly, I practically have to teleport him off the houseboat in the morning to get him to pay attention to what I want him to do. Continue reading

Hannah and Joey Get Divorced?

Joey with SunflowersSo I get this popup — Joey Schlick has gotten a divorce, do I want to change his last name? Excuse me??? That marriage has been protected since forever! I thought for sure I had checked on that little detail when the new phase of StoryProgression dropped some of my settings. Then, while dealing with the name change popups (got one for Hannah, too), a notice pops up with Joey declaring his undying animosity toward Sergei! Ok… what’s up with that? Then another notice pops up with Carol Brady saying how much she loves the taste of Joey’s pale skin and the feel of his breath upon her neck! It would seem Joey hates Sergei for stealing his mistress, who he then dumped his wife for and has promptly stolen away from his little brother……. or something. LMAO
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Till Death Do Us Part

Elvira-killing-VladI know! It’s been a very long time since I’ve added anything new to the chronicles of my Naughty Little Assassins. They were apparently too busy raising kids to bother killing one. 😛 Thankfully the drought is over. Both Vlad and Elvira have added new victims to their hit lists. Let me see if I can remember the details of the first hit that hasn’t been reported…

Late one night, over at the Kassanova-Pesce Happy Haunts Cemetery, several of the young adults were hanging out. This isn’t an unusual occurrence so I hadn’t been paying much attention to who was there. When 4:00 AM rolled along I dropped in and made Dennis Healy my active so he could hang out with the residents for awhile. He began chatting with Noelle Kassanova, who had been building an igloo. Then Elvira came over to chat with Noelle. I don’t really know what happened next, but Noelle was electrocuted right there in the cemetery. She went down in front of Dennis and even her little brother, as I recall. And Elvira laughed. Then she left. She just walked right off the lot and left. All those witness and she didn’t get arrested. It was sad. 😦
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