Getting Caught Up. . . Again

Vlad and Elvira in Moonlight Hollow.

A couple days ago Elvira killed Mindy Bays — wife of Michael (an earlier victim), live-in girlfriend of Adam Schlick (and mother of his last child). Then last night she killed Renee Schlick, the gold-digging former wife of Steven Schlick — also an earlier victim. Looks like Elvira is trying to keep her assassinations relative these days. Prior to this, just about a sim-week ago, she killed Zach’s wife, Marcia. Anyway, El now has 36 kills under her belt. Vlad only has 32, so he’d better get to work. Continue reading

Third Time’s a Charm

3rd-times-charm-1So there I was… watching the world from map view…

When all of a sudden the camera jumped. Again. Third time today. And there was Elvira, right in the middle of it. And what’s that black stuff around her? Is that smoke?

Dropping in for a closer look I see something in the bistro courtyard is being thoroughly consumed by fire. Elvira is just off to the side letting loose with an evil cackle. Nothing is visible from inside the smoke except the flames. One question immediately comes to mind: Who is it this time?

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Another One Bites the Dust

StevenSchlick1I was gonna write this about finding Vlad’s grandson, Steven, hanging out at city hall with Elvira — and seeing her grab his arm and turn him into a vampire — and wishing I’d had the camera rolling. That makes the third time in about a week that she’s turned some sweet innocent local into a blood thirsty vampire. The first was a dude by the name of Roland Cryer. I don’t even remember when, where, why, or how he came into the game, so no big deal there.

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New Coworkers Moving In On My Town

Elvira-houseThis afternoon I was notified that some strange woman had moved in with a happily married man in SV2E — he is a Schlick, but it was still weird since there hasn’t been any indication that he’d been stepping out on his wife. (Hard to believe, I know, but Cody always was a good kid.) When I took a peek at his house, it was surrounded by unfamiliar map tag faces — and the female in question turned out to be a teen. The others were her parents and siblings. I checked the household map tag and sure enough, all 6 had moved in on my little family of 4. It’s only a 2 bedroom house, IIRC. Maybe 3 if I saved it after the addition was built.
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