It is Finished… FINALLY!

HannahspassingActually a few things got finished off today & tonight. Adam’s icky wife Holly finally kicked the bucket so my Casanova could be free to play the field again. Hannah completed the Experienced challenge in Kama Simtra and boy was she tired. She had to woohoo 16 times in 6 different locations to finish up and earn the title — but she did it — and it only took about a day and a half. Then for giggles and grins she woohooed once or twice with both Vlad and Adam for old time’s sake. And just as I’d secretly hoped, all that physical exertion proved to be too much for the old girl. Continue reading


Hannah and Joey Get Divorced?

Joey with SunflowersSo I get this popup — Joey Schlick has gotten a divorce, do I want to change his last name? Excuse me??? That marriage has been protected since forever! I thought for sure I had checked on that little detail when the new phase of StoryProgression dropped some of my settings. Then, while dealing with the name change popups (got one for Hannah, too), a notice pops up with Joey declaring his undying animosity toward Sergei! Ok… what’s up with that? Then another notice pops up with Carol Brady saying how much she loves the taste of Joey’s pale skin and the feel of his breath upon her neck! It would seem Joey hates Sergei for stealing his mistress, who he then dumped his wife for and has promptly stolen away from his little brother……. or something. LMAO
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The Baby Boom

LilySchlick1For some reason I haven’t felt much like playing the game today, so I guess I”ll take the opportunity to get all y’all caught up on some of the happenings around SV2E. Starting in the middle of January and going on till the latest patch was released, I was helping test Phase 15 of twallan’s StoryProgression. He made some major changes in how things are organized, added new functionality, and opened up new realms of micromanagement. It’s awesome!

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Getting Caught Up

December 11, 2012

Sunset Valley in Autumn

Sunset Valley in Autumn

Ok. So it’s been awhile. In July I signed up for a course to help me pass the CompTIA A+ certification tests so I had to curtail my Sims 3 activity. It’s really hard to study when you’re playing computer games. Since I pre-ordered Seasons I knew I’d be back soon enough. I haven’t taken the exams yet so I probably shouldn’t be spending so much time playing games instead of studying, but I missed my sims. Maybe I’ll get back to studying before Christmas.

I actually didn’t quit playing the game until late July, leaving quite a bit that wasn’t posted here. I’ll try to get you caught up, but it’ll probably be in the form of messages sent to friends as events happened. That seems the easiest way to remember things. lol
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That is SO Not Right

June 14, 2012

So much to update you on. Hannah and Joey got a divorce. Apparently my little porn princess didn’t like her husband being the Town Gigolo. Or maybe it was all the attention he was paying to Elvira. Cough. Anyway, SP separated them. Shortly thereafter Hannah gave birth to Cody — the first ever non-vampire baby from a mixed couple! At least in my game. No idea why he didn’t get the vampire trait, but I’m not complaining. It’s nice to see that variety is possible — and I was reminded that this wasn’t the first time an occult mixed marriage had a non-occult baby. Christina Oseguera began her life as Christina Kassanova, the daughter of Lance Kassanova, a ghost, and his daughter’s friend, Sandra (Elisabeth had died, Sandra continued to live in the house). Zach has aged up to toddler and is absolutely adorable. He’ll be a heart-breaker some day. 🙂
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