More Babies For Elvira

June 2, 2012

Elijah as a teen

Elijah as a teen

Well El finally got back on the horse — she finally killed someone in SV2E. lol Thankfully it was someone I can live without, though apparently Joey was quite fond of her. And Hannibal. They both have the broken heart for the next 2 days. 😦 One less lonely widow for the gigolos to toy with.

Hannah is preggers again. To Joey again. Thank goodness. lol Only about 8 days to go until she’ll pops. 🙂 Guess I need to find a place for another crib. Or move them to a bigger house. That would probably be a lot easier than finding more space in their house. At least until I get it back into Edit Town’s Build mode and do some more work on it.
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