Getting Caught Up

December 11, 2012

Sunset Valley in Autumn

Sunset Valley in Autumn

Ok. So it’s been awhile. In July I signed up for a course to help me pass the CompTIA A+ certification tests so I had to curtail my Sims 3 activity. It’s really hard to study when you’re playing computer games. Since I pre-ordered Seasons I knew I’d be back soon enough. I haven’t taken the exams yet so I probably shouldn’t be spending so much time playing games instead of studying, but I missed my sims. Maybe I’ll get back to studying before Christmas.

I actually didn’t quit playing the game until late July, leaving quite a bit that wasn’t posted here. I’ll try to get you caught up, but it’ll probably be in the form of messages sent to friends as events happened. That seems the easiest way to remember things. lol
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