Animated Woohoo (do NOT read if you’re under 18 – or I’ll tell your mommy)

For those of you landing here rather than on the home page: This site is moving. Click here to find updates to the Animated Woohoo page after July 26, 2015.

For some strange reason this is the most popular page on this site — looks like I’m gonna have to start calling a few moms… 😉

~ ~ ~

UPDATE 6/19/2015: I was recently made aware of an updated version of Kicker’s Animated Woohoo mod, called Animated Woohoo+ by Alfiechan. This one is also hosted over at the Hall of Torque, which remains an adults-only site.

~ ~ ~

Things have been updated over at the Hall of Torque (must be 18+) so all you need is the link to Kicker’s page — in the first post he has the instructions on how to install, as well as links to all the add-ons you might want to grab.

 Content is slowly but surely being deleted from this page. Visit my new site now!

Simwahine’s Sims 3 Stories



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