My Sims

  • Unless otherwise stated, the .zip files are the .sim format. Unzip the file, then place it in your SavedSims folder.
    (path in Windows: My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims)
  • Unless otherwise stated, the .rar files are .sims3pack format and should be extracted and placed in your Downloads folder, then installed through your launcher.
    (path in Windows: My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads)
    Keep in mind, the .sims3pack format includes more details about the sim at the time he or she was saved — traits, skills, career, etc.
  • I did my best to remove all CC, except recolors of items. PLEASE let me know if you find any CC or have other problems with the files.

Individual Sims

Download the .zip file here.   368 KB
This version has only base-game outfits and is completely CC-free. The coat she’s wearing as Outerwear may need to be re-categorized in your game to appear in that category. If it does, the game will provide her something else.

DennisHealySV2EDennis Healy
(the SV2E vampire version)
Download the .zip file here. 388 KB
Download the .rar file here. 710 KB
This version of Dennis uses items from numerous EPs and his hair came from the Sims 3 store (Sweetly Swept Back). To dress him up to look more like mine, be sure to get TummyZa’s “Hairy” skintone and an anatomical correction from Cmar.

Joey Schlick-SV2EJoey Schlick
(son of Vlad; grandson of Sarah; vampire; Town Gigolo)
Download the .zip file here. 324 KB
Download the .rar file here. 649 KB


Vlad Schlick-SV2EVlad Schlick
(originally from Bridgeport, updated look; new traits included in the .rar file)
Download the .zip file here. 447 KB
Download the .rar file here. 938 KB
These files include one store item (the Grimmy Leather Jacket in “everyday 1”). Not shown in the pic are second formal, athletic, and swimwear outfits. They should also be CC-free.

Sarah Abraham-SV2ESarah Abraham
(she’s a vampire… but she’s a good vampire)
Download the .zip file here. 350 KB
Download the .rar file here. 720 KB
Sarah comes with an additional swimwear outfit.

ElviraSlayerSV2E(Final)Elvira Slayer
(one of my Naughty Little Assassins)
Both downloads are in the .sims3pack format. I tried to strip her of all CC and store content, and limited her to just one outfit in each category. Most of her outfits are either from the base game or Late Night. To take full advantage of her assassination skill and tendency to use it, make sure you have the NRaas Careers & Careers Assassination mods installed before you add her to your game.
Download the file exported from CAS here. This file is slightly larger than the other, I’m not sure why — may have more information about traits and skills.
Download the file exported from Stylist here.


Dennis & Charity (starter edition)Dennis & Charity Healy
(Island Paradise)
Download .zip file here. 299 KB Download .rar file here. 6.17 MB
Unlike the .rar files above, this one is a .package file — it contains information regarding sliders and may contain some CC that I missed in the process of stripping them. Let me know if it causes any problems in your game. Charity was packed without her CC hair, you can find the link to it here.


richterThe Richter family
(Island Paradise; non-vampire versions of Vlad & Sarah — different traits, same behavior)
Download .zip file here. 775 KB
Wade, Rebecca, Anna & Dean are ready to bring their island-style to your favorite game. This .package file appears to be clean of all CC. A link to Rebecca’s hairstyle can be found here.


Additional sims coming soon.  Let me know if you have a favorite sim from my stories that you’d like to be able to download.


Click on the images below for a larger preview –they are full size but lower resolution.
All wallpapers are 1920 px x 1080 px.
Dennis Healy – Isla Paradiso 1 588 KB
Dennis Healy – Isla Paradiso 2 507 KBDennis Healy - IP - Wallpaper 2

Dennis Healy – Isla Paradiso 3 880 KB

Dennis Healy – Isla Paradiso 4 712 KB

Dennis Healy – Isla Paradiso 7 591 KB

Dennis Healy – Isla Paradiso 8 796 KB

Other Stuff

Live Aloha! Weather
Tired of the snow, or the hail, or maybe just days on end of nasty rain and thunder? This tuning file is based on annual weather patterns for Honolulu, Hawai’i and keeps the rainfall short and sweet. (for use with NRaas’ Tempest).

Installation Tips:

  • Place the downloaded and extracted tuning file in your Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Library folder, then look for it in your game using Overwatch / Immediate / Import Settings / Tempest.
  • After you put the package file in your Library it will show as NRaasSettings.LanceKiki in your bin.
  • After importing via Overwatch, when you go into the Tempest / Weather control panel, you’ll find a “LiveAloha***” within each season. These settings should be enabled by default, meaning they’ll begin to affect your weather at the earliest opportunity.
  • You may need to save your game, shut it down completely, then relaunch for the new settings to appear. As always, use the “Save As” option and give your file a new name, rather than the option to simply overwrite your current save.

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