Retuner: Changing Length of Pregnancy

You can use Retuner to easily modify the length of pregnancies — a very useful concept if you like to play with longer-than-epic lifespans and don’t want your sims popping out kids every few days. My pregnancies are 21 days (504 hours), or roughly 9 months on my sim calendar. Mods are available that will change the length of pregnancy for you, but if you want a length that isn’t offered, here’s how you can make the necessary changes in Retuner. Continue reading

StoryProgression: How to Create a Caste to Prevent Pregnancies

A friend over at the NRaas site asked to see how I have my No Babies caste set up when she heard that I’m able to keep a select group of sims from reproducing (most have already flooded the gene pool in SV2E — like Vlad and Sarah, shown above).

Rather than try to explain in painstaking detail how to set it up, I’m posting pictures of the caste settings. To access the option to create a caste, from city hall, a computer, or any sim you want in the caste go to NRaas > StoryProgression > Caste Options > (Add New Caste) then change the settings to match what are shown here. Continue reading