The Reaper’s Work is Never Done

Grim's swimwear

Grim’s swimwear

Yesterday was Dennis and Charity’s second anniversary. Yea them! Playing the game with my daughter watching means coming up with new ideas about how to keep these characters occupied — ‘cuz you know, that whole woohoo thing that they like so much has to be toned down a lot (read: eliminated) when the kid is around — so I decided it would be fun to let Dennis throw a house party to celebrate the occasion. I forgot to notice that although it was spring, it was still freezing, so I had him set the dress code to swimwear. At least I forgot to set it up as a pool party, so no one was actually trying to go swimming.

Among those invited were Elvira (so I could keep an eye on her) and the Grim Reaper (so he’d be ready if needed). The following was posted on the NRaas discussion board:

So… here’s the scene — Grimmy arrived in SV2E earlier to provide services for Bo, who expired after being burned in an arson event. Dennis decided to throw an anniversary party and included Grim on the guest list. He also invited Elvira, but she ran off shortly after arriving. A couple members of the household were at work when the party started, so I decided to check on them and try to get them home as quickly as possible.

That’s when I discovered it. Elvira hadn’t gone home when she left the party. She went downtown. The sim I was wanting to send home was busy mourning the death of a young female with a hairstyle shared by only 2 or 3 sims in town. I’m still trying to ascertain the identity of El’s 37th victim.

Problem: Party animal Grim is still at the party having a grand time. It would seem he’s in no hurry to show up on the scene to provide last rites. Do I have someone at home ask him to leave? Will he eventually get around to it on his own? Is the latest vic going to wander for eternity without a proper headstone if he doesn’t show up?

Grim has hair?

Grim has hair?

Those of you who followed the discussion over there know that I finally broke down and had Dennis say good night to Grim so he’d be free to arrive at the scene of El’s latest hit. I also discovered that the victim was Carol Brady.

Before the party had completely broken up, a call came in on the house phone and was answered by Adam Schlick, Joey’s little brother. These calls have been coming almost daily to announce that some sim or another is either getting old or has given up the ghost. In this case, the call was to announce that Adam was getting old and everyone should spend some time with him before he dies. I’ve never seen one of those calls get answered by the sim in question. Totally surreal (at least for Adam). He promptly left the party and returned home to his kids.

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