Getting Caught Up. . . Again

Vlad and Elvira in Moonlight Hollow.

A couple days ago Elvira killed Mindy Bays — wife of Michael (an earlier victim), live-in girlfriend of Adam Schlick (and mother of his last child). Then last night she killed Renee Schlick, the gold-digging former wife of Steven Schlick — also an earlier victim. Looks like Elvira is trying to keep her assassinations relative these days. Prior to this, just about a sim-week ago, she killed Zach’s wife, Marcia. Anyway, El now has 36 kills under her belt. Vlad only has 32, so he’d better get to work.

Speaking of Zach, with his community service as a gigolo, I was used to getting messages about him being “involved” with so-and-so, and gee don’t they make a lovely couple…… Sometimes it was Elvira, sometimes it was Dasha, always it was one of his clients. Once Marcia was out of the way, StoryProgression decided to kick it up a notch — and cause him to almost immediately be partnered up with Dasha. Yuck. Meanwhile Cyndi was married to Jordan Pesce, but still living in the house with her brother-in-law — that was until Jordan had enough of her Bike activities and divorced her, at which point she moved out. Leaving Jordan in Zach’s house. Yeah, that made a lot of sense (why didn’t Cyndi move into the house Jordan shared with Moe & Sarah when they first got married?).

Then Jordan moved because he didn’t get along with Zach. Go figure. Jordan was the town’s Baron but any money they had was Zach’s. I can see how that might cause some friction. So the other night I sent Zach to go on a date with his favorite sister in law (ok, she’s also the only one still alive). That didn’t work out — the game saved, I quit, when I started it again it was 4 AM — so I had him invite her to the house. I’d hoped to have him ask her to move back in so I could get them together and get Dasha out of the relationship picture. Then my daughter came around so, when I noticed the bed appear in Zach’s queue as soon as they got to the house, I went back to managing Joey’s household. Next thing I know, SP is announcing that Zach and Dasha are engaged. Great.

The next day I noticed Cyndi was thinking about vampire teeth. I checked her moodlets but she didn’t have the weird blemish one that indicates when someone is about to turn into a vampire. Phew. Thought maybe Zach had been a naughty Nosferatu. Then I saw Cyndi thinking about vampire teeth again last night — and this time she had the blemish moodlet. Guess we’ve got a new vamp in town. lol This afternoon Zach had invited her over to the house, but then had to run off to work before she arrived, so I had Brady invite her to move in. Hopefully I can get this thing with Dasha to resolve itself once she discovers the romance with Cyndi that will be blossoming big time now that Marcia is gone and Joey still wants more grandbabies. lol

Speaking of Joey’s wish for more grandkids, #6 was added to the household last night. Lily gave birth to a baby girl named Katie.

Totally not related to Joey’s wish, Chantilly is pregnant again, this time with Jacob’s child. Conception occurred the night after her little brother died.

To wrap things up, and bring them full circle, in addition to El’s activities, SV2E has suffered a rash of non-homicidal deaths recently. Rocky Rockefeller passed while playing video games at Mick’s Master Karaoke; Roseanna Slayer, Kurtis Gentry, and JR Carpenter also died of old age; and Ryan Parris died from fight injuries in his service as a thug.


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