Third Time’s a Charm

3rd-times-charm-1So there I was… watching the world from map view…

When all of a sudden the camera jumped. Again. Third time today. And there was Elvira, right in the middle of it. And what’s that black stuff around her? Is that smoke?

Dropping in for a closer look I see something in the bistro courtyard is being thoroughly consumed by fire. Elvira is just off to the side letting loose with an evil cackle. Nothing is visible from inside the smoke except the flames. One question immediately comes to mind: Who is it this time?

3rd-times-charm-2As Elvira laughs at her latest victim, a crowd gathers at the scene. Screaming. Lots of screaming. And lots of sim fire dancing. But no heroes to step in with a fire extinguisher. No fire truck siren wailing off in the distance, rapidly approaching the bistro. No, no help is coming for this poor sim soul. At least not until Adam Schlick, the resident Casanova, steps out of the restaurant and takes charge.

He rushes past the panicking crowd and whips out the extinguisher he always keeps in his back pocket. He puts out the flames and saves the day. Unfortunately it was too late for whomever had become the latest pile of ashes in SV2E.

Long about the time Grimmy arrives I start seeing thought bubbles with tiny little images of the dearly departed. It was Tiffany Hayes, the widow of Ethan Hayes. Remember him? Tiffany was also the daughter of KerryAnn (Pesce) Pope; she was a half-sister to Adam and Joey; and she was taken in and raised by Vlad when her mother passed away so many sim years ago. Tiffany is survived by her grandparents (Moe and Sarah), many half-siblings, and her sons, Ricky and Ross Hayes. As I sit here now, I’m trying to think what happened to them? Hm… they must have stayed with their step-father Tyler Hayes (Ethan’s nephew).

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