Hottest Spot in Town, part 1

Hot-Night-at-the-Grind-3So there we were (we being Chantilly, Jacob, and I) watching the stars (through the ceiling of The Grind), minding our own business, when suddenly I heard some chit chat going on somewhere. I went to look and found Isaac and Elvira in the upstairs “guest” room. El was buck nekkid, Isaac was…… unfortunately not. After checking each of their KamaSimtra stats to satisfy myself that Isaac had only cheated with the cute teen that night, I quickly left. Resisting the temptation to direct any interaction between them. I didn’t want to risk having Elvira get angry at my precious Isaac. So…… back to Chantilly and Jacob and trying to see if Jacob wants a girlfriend with a bit of an unusual career.

Hot-Night-at-the-Grind-1I line up a quick heat of the moment kiss for them and just as I’m getting ready to queue up another interaction the camera jumps to the balcony. It’s Elvira and Isaac. And a small fire under Isaac’s heels. El pushes past and walks away as the flames explode around Isaac and begin to consume him. His panic stricken face now seared into my brain.

Hot-Night-at-the-Grind-2Stop. Pause everything. Somebody in this town has a death flower he’s willing to donate……. but…….. who? Run to city hall to find out who all has death flowers in their inventory. What?! Only 2 death flowers exist in the entire town??? Ugh! How do I fix that glitch at the cemetery that’s making it impossible to harvest them? Back to Isaac’s problem…… Ok, Dennis will donate his with the help of MasterController I arrange for the transfer. What? What do you mean there’s no one in town named Isaac? This isn’t looking good for my second favorite Son of a Schlick!

Stand tuned for the exciting conclusion of “Hottest Spot in Town,” another tale in the continuing saga of Elvira’s Reign of Terror!

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