Another One Bites the Dust

StevenSchlick1I was gonna write this about finding Vlad’s grandson, Steven, hanging out at city hall with Elvira — and seeing her grab his arm and turn him into a vampire — and wishing I’d had the camera rolling. That makes the third time in about a week that she’s turned some sweet innocent local into a blood thirsty vampire. The first was a dude by the name of Roland Cryer. I don’t even remember when, where, why, or how he came into the game, so no big deal there.

The second was another grandson of Vlad’s, Joey’s oldest boy, Zach. He was born a vampire and got de-vamped at a time when the town was so overrun by them that no one was getting turned. I was a tad disappointed to see him turned, but after all it is his birthright. I can live with it. I think I was more disappointed when he chose the evil Nosferatu over the peace-loving Lestat clan. And now Steven. Even though I’d missed the bite scene, I started filming anyway. When Elvira’s out in public, there’s always a chance something will happen.

StevenElviraIt turned into a rather sickening display as they hemmed and hawed, and flirted like two school children. At one point it looked like Steven had suggested they do an animated woohoo right there on the lawn. I’ll admit to a certain morbid curiosity though. Whatever they had planned it got cancelled when Mindy Bays walked up.

After a few minutes Mindy walked away and Neal Pesce (no real relation to Moe) approached and asked El for an autograph. For a change it looked like she actually gave it to him. Neal then walked away, followed by Steven. They went under the portico of the building where I could see that Neal was taking a picture of the Town Baron. For a few minutes after that Steven was standing there all stupid and weird, like he was flirting with someone — except El was still on the other side of the shrubbery. She eventually made her way around to him and joined in the lust fest.

During a brief pause in the action I went to map view and noticed that Steven’s wife was inside city hall. I couldn’t help but wonder if she’d gone there to get a divorce — or an annulment.

StevenElvira2Back down to the portico with El and Steven, un-pause the action, and an argument breaks out. That turns into a rather civil discourse, but with angry smilie faces over their heads (oxymoron, I know). El then tries to make nice with a little more flirting but this time gets rebuffed. You know where this is going… he survived the argument, he should have quit (and left) while he was ahead. But he didn’t.

and another one gone and another one gone … another one bites the dust

Finally Steven’s wife comes out of city hall. Just in time to catch Grimmy’s service. At least Steven got to be married for a few days. Maybe his wife will like his Uncle Jacob. He’s never been married…

StevenElvira5Even though I was running the video recorder through most of this event I don’t think I’ll be posting a video. I had approximately 16 minutes of footage that I was trying to condense into something of a reasonable length. Unfortunately that just seemed to be turning into a major job rather than a fun little project.

Have you been keeping score? Just since my return from Isla Paradiso, El has killed seven sims:

  • Blaine Kassanova
  • Michael Bays
  • Autumn Huffman
  • Ashley Corono-Ashcroft
  • Kerry Parris
  • Ethan Hayes
  • Steven Schlick

The woman is out of control! I wonder when Vlad will quit being a lover and go back to being a killer?

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