That Naughty Little Assassin!

rocket-scienceTragedy has again struck the town of SV2E. Ethan Hayes is no longer counted among the living, leaving just his older sisters Grace and Brianna to carry on the family — and a son born just a few sim-days ago. My daughter saw Elvira down at the diner and wanted to go there… just in case she killed someone. To liven things up a bit I had Joey convince brother Isaac to flirt with El — even though Isaac’s wife was just around the corner, along with her brother and sister. Isaac does what his big brother tells him and suddenly everyone on the lot is perturbed. Imagine my shock. So then I tell Joey to smooth things over a bit — to convince Grace to kiss her husband. Grace agrees, but Isaac acts all creeped out by it. *smh* I take control of Isaac and make him make up to his wife. An apology that slipped the queue, a heat of the moment kiss….. badaboom badabang they’re happy again. Then Ethan comes busting through and approaches El. They have some sort of disagreement. We (my daughter and I) both think this could be the end. But wait! There’s more!

Ethan relaxes, El turns away…….. then suddenly Ethan is being swallowed whole by the ground beneath his feet! Oh no! What a horrible sight! And right in front of his adoring sisters and his wife and child! Oh the humanity! Then he’s silenced. No more screaming. Just the sound of Elvira cackling her evil cackle. Pleased with herself once again. Grimmy shows up and performs his solemn task of collecting the deceased. Working away from the crowd his appearance largely goes unnoticed. Once he’s finished, and Ethan’s remains have been picked up, a sudden burst of activity ensues as the onlookers dig smartphones out of their butts and start making phone calls. It isn’t long before Officer Grumblebum arrives and has Elvira in cuffs. As she’s hauled off to jail the crowd at the diner bursts into loud wails and mournful tears. Poor, poor Ethan Hayes.

Well…… you can see it all for yourself —

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