Well… That Didn’t Take Long

Elvira-houseRemember back here where I told you about new coworkers moving in on my families? Remember how I was trying to decide what to do with the family that had been recklessly placed in harm’s way at Elvira’s house? I discovered that the father had been given a job with The Family and might actually have been a coworker for Joey — who’s been sitting alone at the bistro for years — so I let them stay. And I thought it would be interesting to see if they fared even half as well as Justin DiNapoli, a young man El took in when his father died.

I believe it was the very next day that Joey received an invitation to a pool party at the Slayer-Schlick house. Unfortunately, he had to work and wasn’t able to arrive at the party until several hours after it started. Although the party balloons were still flying over the house’s map tag, the host was nowhere to be seen. Frankly, I wasn’t a bit surprised. Lately the game has had some issues with parties hosted by inactive sims. At 4:00, when Joey got off work, the invitation to attend the party was still available so he went. By that time Elvira had returned home so Joey wasn’t left hanging. In the absence of the party’s host, they made a party of their own. Soon a notice arrived stating that the host had been involved in a fracas with Alexander Corono (Ashley and Vlad’s boy)… which led to a fire… which led to burn injuries… which led to… another one bites the dust. This time for the cause of The Thug. And that explains why the host disappeared before his party was over. One parent down, one parent to go.

It took awhile, but Joey and Elvira eventually decided to make themselves presentable and join the others as members of the household returned home. I moved the camera away to check on Joey’s daughter, Charity, then headed back to follow the action at El’s house. Unfortunately I was a tad late. By the time I returned Grimmy was already on the scene. Kerri Parris had been mysteriously poisoned (and I’ll bet she didn’t eat a thing!). The three Parris children had move to SV2E and been made orphans all in one day. Wow. Talk about trauma.

Even though I had taken the time to prep the children for adoption, I decided to let them live on their own — so long as big sister, Chantilly, can earn enough money to pay the bills. It’ll be fun to see what she’s able to accomplish on her own.

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