You’re a mean one, Mrs. Schlick

naughty-little-assassin-1I’ve been meaning to sit down and get all y’all caught up on the affairs of my assassination squad, but was having too much fun playing the game in Isla Paradiso to stop and think about all that had happened in SV2E before the big update to patch 1.63 and installation of Island Paradise. Then I got bored with that (mainly because I had to clean up the mods so that I could play the game with my daughter, then she’d leave and I’d be stuck with sims who couldn’t do anything fun because the mods weren’t there to support it… boohoo) so I recently put the SV2E saves back in the folder with my mods and returned to play with the larger population and greater variety of things to do.

That opened a can o’ worms, let me tell you! During January and February, before I made the big update, Elvira had managed to kill Blaine Kassanova, which was awesome! considering the long drought before my hiatus. However, my first day back in SV2E after visiting the islands was something else. An evening spent hanging out with friends by the bookstore turned into a night of horror for Michael Bays. I wish I could tell you what led up to the event in question, but I managed to drop in only moments before it began.

Michael is survived by his wife, Mindy, and their daughter Tessa. Mindy will be placing Michael’s whatchamacallit science machine that he got at University up for sale in the near future. All inquiries about it should go directly to her. You may need to exercise patience waiting for a response. It seems she turned to Adam Schlick for consolation after her husband’s sudden death…… and now she’s pregnant.

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