New Coworkers Moving In On My Town

Elvira-houseThis afternoon I was notified that some strange woman had moved in with a happily married man in SV2E — he is a Schlick, but it was still weird since there hasn’t been any indication that he’d been stepping out on his wife. (Hard to believe, I know, but Cody always was a good kid.) When I took a peek at his house, it was surrounded by unfamiliar map tag faces — and the female in question turned out to be a teen. The others were her parents and siblings. I checked the household map tag and sure enough, all 6 had moved in on my little family of 4. It’s only a 2 bedroom house, IIRC. Maybe 3 if I saved it after the addition was built.

I’ve seen this to a lesser degree in the past when Moe needed coworkers, rather than giving them a place of their own the game moved them into Moe’s house. They stole his money when I kicked them out, so this time the interlopers were TA’d*. However……. when the story summaryt popped up a few minutes later, I discovered that another family had also been added. In Elvira’s house. Knowing that she’s been on an assassination tear lately I’m tempted to leave the adults in such close proximity.

I also discovered that at least one of the adults in El’s house works for The Family — this could be good since everyone Joey recruits ends up working at a different location than him and his job performance suffers from the lack of coworkers. Maybe some new townies might allow me to move other coworkers over to the Bistro……. and maybe he’ll get an opportunity to kill a colleague who isn’t his son or one of my favorites from the days in Barnacle Bay.

What to do… what to do… Hm. I guess I can leave this group with Elvira — and prep the kids to be adopted out. Just in case. lol


*Total Annihilation = removal of all traces of a sim’s existence

This story was originally written 03/19/2014, but it took me this long to grab a picture to go with it.

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