Meaner Than a Hornet

naughty-little-assassin-2So… last night Elvira killed Michael outside the bookstore — and was arrested and taken to jail. After spending 8 hours playing dominoes, working out, or trying to tempt the key-holding dog with a bone, she was released. I tried to convince twallan to figure out how to increase the mandatory sentencing based on a sim’s rate of recidivism but it seems he retired before that became a reality. 😦 Hm… maybe Chain_Reaction would be able to make it happen… Oh Chaaaaainnnnn…! 😉 Anyway, Elvira and Vlad should both have to spend at least 12 hours in lockup at this point — she’s got 29 notches on her bedpost and he’s got 32! (They’ve both been officially declared psychopaths.)

It wasn’t more than a few hours after El was released and sent home that she visited Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner for some good old fashioned “home” cooking. On her way out she ran into old friend Autumn Huffman. Guess who isn’t getting any older? Yep… you guessed it. Thankfully Autumn never had any children and was survived only by her older sister, Rosa. It’s kinda sad when you realize that Rosa was the only member of the family to die of old age. Her dad, Cory, lived to be old but that’s not what killed him.

I know, I’m really blasting you with new posts today. My apologies for that but I want to get you caught up and get these videos added while I have time.

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