Tawdry Tales of Fun in the Sun

WadeSandcastle1In spite of entering the new game with only 1 or 2 of Vlad’s traits, Wade Richter is all about living up to his non-forefather’s lust for life. The same with his wife, Rebecca (Baugh) Richter, who hardly shares anything in common with the original Sarah except her appearance and voice. And her need for woohoo. The second her husband walks through the door she’s spinning into nakedness and waiting for him to join her in the bed. He can’t even stop to say hello or check on the baby. And as he’s going to the bed a second woohoo icon — oh, excuse me, a “relax” icon — appears. It seems once a night is not enough, no matter how tired he is after a long day spent at the office — scuba diving. And holy schmoly, I practically have to teleport him off the houseboat in the morning to get him to pay attention to what I want him to do.

Rebecca got a little payback for Wade’s underwater indiscretion with a townie when they invited Michael (formerly Moe from the University Life stories) over to their private party island where a good time was had by all — thanks to the free flowing keg and a few rounds of juice pong. Then the three of them boarded the boat, and while Wade was steering his Happy Houseboat back to port, Sarah was flirting to her heart’s content downstairs. Once docked, Wade decided to take a nap topside… before Michael headed home. Sarah had a special way of bringing the evening to a close. 🙂

And I am seriously liking the new feature in Woohooer that prevents the Romantic Interest icon from popping up over a silly little kiss. Or two. Or was it ten? lol

WadeCharityRebeccaDennisCurrently, Spooky Day is coming to a close on the island. Wade spent the whole day diving, trying to find a bottle with a message in it. After hog-tying Rebecca, so to speak, so the man could have dinner, I sent them to the festival grounds to round out the pie eating contest for Charity and Dennis (who, btw, have gotten married). Charity won the contest; Dennis threw up. Wade and Rebecca held their own. Now they are holding Charity and Dennis. Sort of.

Somehow Wade got it into his head that it would be lovely to watch the stars with Charity. In front of his wife and her husband, he asked. She agreed. No fireworks from the onlookers, so Rebecca asked Dennis to do the same. I guess it’s an evening for wife swapping… I have to wonder just how far it’ll go. These two couples know no boundaries — and Dennis and Charity are protected by the No Jealousy rewards. I’ve been trying to be on my best behavior with Wade and Rebecca so they don’t turn into duplicates of Vlad and Sarah, but perhaps the No Jealousy rewards would come in handy tonight.

Among the townies, the Gigolo clan seems to be quite popular. An immigrant moved to town a couple of days ago and has already been recruited to offer his services. I wasn’t surprised though — when he moved in I was told that his parentage was part Kiki Kassanova and part Rebecca Baugh. He didn’t stand a chance. Dennis and Charity are also servicing the population for their madame, Linda Scott.

Even after discovering that Kiki’s memories had suddenly appeared in the TravelDB file I couldn’t bring myself to annihilate Percy, the new immigrant — at least not yet. I tried to delete all his memories and found that Dennis was the only one in town carrying such baggage, so I deleted his. If that isn’t enough to eliminate the IMGs of Kiki fishing then Percy will have to go. And Kiki will have to be permanently removed from my library until I can get a memory-less copy saved somehow.

If I’m smart I’ll go through all the saved copies of my original sims, if the immigrants are bringing memories with them from their genetic contributors…. Well… that could explain a lot.

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