It is Finished… FINALLY!

HannahspassingActually a few things got finished off today & tonight. Adam’s icky wife Holly finally kicked the bucket so my Casanova could be free to play the field again. Hannah completed the Experienced challenge in Kama Simtra and boy was she tired. She had to woohoo 16 times in 6 different locations to finish up and earn the title — but she did it — and it only took about a day and a half. Then for giggles and grins she woohooed once or twice with both Vlad and Adam for old time’s sake. And just as I’d secretly hoped, all that physical exertion proved to be too much for the old girl.

She FINALLY passed on to the nether regions. Now to decide if I’m going to plant her at Dennis’ cemetery — I seem to recall he was still listed as a romantic interest… Of course, he’s currently the paramour of Hannah’s eldest daughter… then again, it’s not like this family hasn’t established a pattern of sharing.

I think I’ll set Joey up to stay footloose and fancy free — maybe his little brother, too. I think their dad is already a confirmed bachelor. Some Schlicks just don’t need to be tied down to one sim.

On a more practical note, I think I’ve collected all the updated mods I need (and then some) and may get around to updating the game and installing Island Paradise sometime this week. Perfect timing for Hannah to move on just as I’m about to start a new game in a new town with some new sims.

Well, knowing me, the same old sims but maybe new names and no vampires. As hard as it is to keep the vamps from passing out in Sunset Valley, I can’t even imagine how hard it would be on a tropical island with all those fun-in-the-sun water activities. If any of the them do make it to the new game they’ll have to go back to being human. I’m afraid that leaves Vlad and El out — I can’t imagine trying to play a game with them as humans.

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