A Hearty Thank You and a Sad Farewell

originalThose of you who have read my posts before know that my Sims 3 game relies extensively on the work of twallan, the mod god… the master. Whenever people on his wiki would speculate about the arrival of The Sims 4, he made it clear that he wasn’t going to continue on with the franchise. I think we all just assumed he’d be around until then, so it was with great shock that I read his State of the Mod entry on January 5, 2014 — when he announced his retirement from modding The Sims 3.

I’ve been out of the loop for much of last year because the game had been monopolizing my time, once it was loaded on my computer I had a hard time shutting it down and getting on with life. I needed to do other things (like try to focus on finding a job) so I needed to break my addiction cold turkey. In doing that, I also quit hanging out at the NRaas wiki, popping in only to read new State of the Mod entries and to download the latest versions of my mods for the day when I would finally get back into it. Now, I’m checking in a few times a day to see what’s going on as the “elders” of the site work hard to get organized and keep it running without The Boss.

Twallan worked exceptionally hard, not only to produce some of the best and most stable mods for the game, but also to create a community of users who were friendly, supportive, and always helpful — even to the newbies. No rudeness allowed. I’m happy to see that his legacy will continue through the leaders who are stepping up to fill the gap.

It is with much sadness that I bid farewell to the master modder, without whose work the game was considerably less interesting. I will not only miss his work, but I’ll also miss his availability to help users and his sense of humor. I always enjoyed reading his responses to questions. Thank you, twallan, for all your hard work and the great community you built.

And thank you, also, to SimAd, Chain_Reaction, J4Ks, brappl, Sydserious, and everyone else who is working to continue the legacy Twallan built.

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