It is Finished… FINALLY!

HannahspassingActually a few things got finished off today & tonight. Adam’s icky wife Holly finally kicked the bucket so my Casanova could be free to play the field again. Hannah completed the Experienced challenge in Kama Simtra and boy was she tired. She had to woohoo 16 times in 6 different locations to finish up and earn the title — but she did it — and it only took about a day and a half. Then for giggles and grins she woohooed once or twice with both Vlad and Adam for old time’s sake. And just as I’d secretly hoped, all that physical exertion proved to be too much for the old girl. Continue reading

A Hearty Thank You and a Sad Farewell

originalThose of you who have read my posts before know that my Sims 3 game relies extensively on the work of twallan, the mod god… the master. Whenever people on his wiki would speculate about the arrival of The Sims 4, he made it clear that he wasn’t going to continue on with the franchise. I think we all just assumed he’d be around until then, so it was with great shock that I read his State of the Mod entry on January 5, 2014 — when he announced his retirement from modding The Sims 3. Continue reading