Hannah and Joey Get Divorced?

Joey with SunflowersSo I get this popup — Joey Schlick has gotten a divorce, do I want to change his last name? Excuse me??? That marriage has been protected since forever! I thought for sure I had checked on that little detail when the new phase of StoryProgression dropped some of my settings. Then, while dealing with the name change popups (got one for Hannah, too), a notice pops up with Joey declaring his undying animosity toward Sergei! Ok… what’s up with that? Then another notice pops up with Carol Brady saying how much she loves the taste of Joey’s pale skin and the feel of his breath upon her neck! It would seem Joey hates Sergei for stealing his mistress, who he then dumped his wife for and has promptly stolen away from his little brother……. or something. LMAO

That was followed a short time later by a note from Joey expressing sorrow that things with Hannah had to end the way they did. *sniffle*

Ah, but the story didn’t begin there. Last week Sergei and Rebekah broke up and I started getting notices that he (in his capacity as the Town Baron) was wrapped around the little finger of Carol Brady. Then it was Sarah’s finger. Then a notice popped up that Sergei and Carol were engaged. But he was still wrapped around Sarah’s pinky. Now this. What is SV2E coming to?

I thought about reuniting Hannah and Joey, she is, after all, older than dirt and they were high school sweethearts. My plan was always for them to be together forever. However, after getting all those little notices today it seemed like the story might be more interesting if I let it play through. Maybe Hannah will still be around after all is said and done and I can get her back with Joey, but since she’s already more than a sim-year past her expiry date that’s unlikely. Sigh. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

6 comments on “Hannah and Joey Get Divorced?

  1. May I ask you how you got those particular story logs into SP? I have never seen them before. I too use almost all of Twaillen’s Mods.

      • Thanks for the reply. I have the personalities all installed, but still haven’t seen those yet. I really am just getting into playong vampires

        How did you get active sims to take up the roles of the various factions?

    • I play a lot of the sims in my town, so they get assigned to personalities while I’m micromanaging someone else. Their role in the clan goes into hibernation while I play them, but even if they’re the leader other clan members will continue to be active. In most cases, anyway. When I play Vlad pretty much all Dracul activity comes to a screeching halt, though I’ve seen a lot of Dracul stories that don’t directly involve him, so maybe that is changing now, too. I don’t remember who was active when that storyline popped up, I think it was one of Carol’s daughter’s — but I do remember I wasn’t playing a vampire at the time.

      I think twallan added a lot of new stories to the older personalities with the Phase 15 updates. I’ve been seeing a lot of new stories over the past few months. 🙂

      • I could tell you jump around more than I do when playing. I like the stories you have posted here, especially the way you have the supernaturals all ramped up. That’s what I want to try and do in my version of SV2.

      • I used to stay with just one household until all the kids grew up, got married, had households of their own. Then I found that I was losing them if I stayed with their parents, but I wasn’t yet mentally organized enough to play all 5 (or was it 6) of the kids that grew up in the household with Moe & Cindy and Shaun & Allie… and after they started having kids — well, forget about it. lol

        At this point I play a household until I feel I’ve achieved something — like playing Joey’s family until Zach and Adam moved out, or playing the Kassanova household until Cory was gone and Ava had completed her lifetime wish. Now I’m back to bouncing around until a good idea hits me. I’m really hoping to be able to get Paradise Island when it comes out and start a whole new game. 🙂

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