My Barnacle Bay

A couple of months ago it seemed like my regular game was having some issues dealing with all the babies that were due. For some reason I had written down the due dates (hours, really) for all of the pregnancies, I think to help me keep track of when someone should head to the hospital. However, whenever I would run follow-up checks the hours didn’t make any sense — some pregnancies seemed to be farther along than they should have been, others appeared to have back tracked. I couldn’t figure out what was going so I decided to take a break until I could either wrap my head around it, or forget about it and move on.

My break came in the form of revisiting Barnacle Bay. I had cleared out all the _IMG files from the TravelDB file, and all the SNAP images from the .nhd file, which brought my save file down to a manageable/playable 200+MB. This was the save that had at one time been over 2GB, and had already been trimmed to just under 800MB. If you’re in a similar position with bloated save files, I used S3PE to do my clean up but there’s also a tool that can do it for you called Save Cleaner. It can make all the difference in the world.

Anyway, when I returned to Barnacle Bay I decided to turn Woohooer and StoryProgression loose and just see where the ride would take me. Unfortunately for story-telling purposes, I returned to my regular sims before all heck had broken loose in my fair island village. However I did pull out some images of the sims who started it all.

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