What Happened

what is he wearing

Last time, as you might recall, I had posed the question, “What if Vlad left behind a little piece of himself at Sims University?” The answer was that the lucky lady, Ashley Corono, would travel to SV2E then disappear before Vlad could talk to her. Eventually, once I stopped playing Vlad again, she returned — but she was no longer pregnant. When I first checked her relationship status I only noticed that she wasn’t pregnant. My disappointment got the better of me and I didn’t take a full account of all that was listed. The next time I checked I happened to spot something interesting. She was still single, but she had a child!

She didn’t lose the baby after all. Yea! Now what?

When I spotted her back in SV2E she was standing behind city hall (I have no idea why these university tourists like to stand back there but it seems like they all do) so I sent Carol Brady over to talk with her. They chatted very briefly before Ashley turned and started running away. It was obvious that she had started overheating, but I wasn’t going to let her disappear again. I got her stopped long enough for Carol to invite her to over to the house. That seemed the best place for them to get out of the sun and have time to build a friendship.

For some reason I couldn’t get the “Ask to Move In” interaction to show up so I finally used MasterController to do it. It was shortly after that when I noticed she had become a single mom. For some reason the kid didn’t show up in Ashley’s relationship panel, so I couldn’t see if it was a boy or girl, or what it’s name was. Naturally, though, I couldn’t leave her child as an orphan at the university while both his parents enjoyed the freedoms of being single in SV2E. Once more I had to “cheat” to add a sim to the household.

Alexander Corono

Alexander Corono (Vlad + Ashley), vampire; shot taken after facial reconstruction.

Turns out the youngster’s name was Taurus Corono. I figured surely he must have been born in the spring, right? Then I remembered, this is The Sims 3, that kind of logic has escaped the naming convention. Don’t expect to see me mention any sim named Taurus in the future, either. That name didn’t last. He is now going by the name Alexander, named after St. Alexander of the Grand Princes of Vladimir. (Betcha didn’t know Vladimir had grand princes!) The poor kid was in desperate need of some facial work as soon as he arrived in town. I realize that he’s Vlad’s son, but that’s no excuse for him to have the face of an adult while he’s still in grade school. It seems about half of Vlad’s kids have ended up with his facial features from the time they were toddlers. Even at that age their faces look like adults, which is really creepy, quite frankly.

Are you starting to wonder about the pic at the top of this post? It has nothing to do with this post at all. I just needed a pic for that spot that didn’t totally give away the plot. Oh… yeah… what plot? Well, I needed a pic and that pic needed a place. So there you have it. 🙂

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