Hannah and Joey Get Divorced?

Joey with SunflowersSo I get this popup — Joey Schlick has gotten a divorce, do I want to change his last name? Excuse me??? That marriage has been protected since forever! I thought for sure I had checked on that little detail when the new phase of StoryProgression dropped some of my settings. Then, while dealing with the name change popups (got one for Hannah, too), a notice pops up with Joey declaring his undying animosity toward Sergei! Ok… what’s up with that? Then another notice pops up with Carol Brady saying how much she loves the taste of Joey’s pale skin and the feel of his breath upon her neck! It would seem Joey hates Sergei for stealing his mistress, who he then dumped his wife for and has promptly stolen away from his little brother……. or something. LMAO
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What Happened

what is he wearing

Last time, as you might recall, I had posed the question, “What if Vlad left behind a little piece of himself at Sims University?” The answer was that the lucky lady, Ashley Corono, would travel to SV2E then disappear before Vlad could talk to her. Eventually, once I stopped playing Vlad again, she returned — but she was no longer pregnant. When I first checked her relationship status I only noticed that she wasn’t pregnant. My disappointment got the better of me and I didn’t take a full account of all that was listed. The next time I checked I happened to spot something interesting. She was still single, but she had a child!

She didn’t lose the baby after all. Yea! Now what?
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