What would happen if…?

AshleyIISo… just before it was time for Vlad to leave the university my mind wandered. And it began to wonder. What would be the outcome if Vlad left behind a little piece of himself? Others have reported returning to the university to find their sim had an unexpected child waiting for them. So what if I messed around with the settings just enough to get one good Try For Baby effort? Maybe there’d be a little Schlick running around campus the next time I sent a resident of SV2E off to college. But it wasn’t working. I changed all the settings I could find and still no TFB permitted. Blast! Then I decided I was curious to see if I could get my Vlad the opportunity to enjoy a little juiced make out session. So I began hunting through the moodlets. I was having a heckuva time trying to keep Ashley’s attention focused — all the guys in the frat house wanted to talk to her — so doing it the old fashioned way (drinking from the keg) wasn’t an option. Besides, since I didn’t have control over her I couldn’t make her drink.

Moodlets however were under my command. Or so I thought. While I was poking around in the panel of available buffs, I hit on something called “Feeling Fertile.” That sounded promising. If I couldn’t use the Try For Baby option, maybe I could at least make them both abnormally inclined to conceive unexpectedly. So they both got that one, and a few others — including super-juiced, which didn’t last long enough to do any good for my research into the juiced kissed/make out/woohoo deal.

Something happened somewhere along the line, I think the game saved or something, but suddenly the option to try for a baby was available. So off they went. Afterward, Ashley was preggers. With a 4% chance of twins and 1% chance for triplets. 😛 So I was back to my original research project. What was going to happen with the pregnancy? Would a future university student from SV2E have a classmate by the name of Schlick? Or would the game simply implode at the mere thought of another student from SV2E being sent off to college?

That question has been answered:


I guess I need to rename her though, so all a’yall don’t get confused between this one and the one who married Moe in the other game, especially since I’m still thinking about bringing the two of them to SV2E. Or perhaps I’ll just rename Moe’s wife, since he has to be renamed anyway, and let this Ashley Corono — the evil vampire — carry on.

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