Vlad Goes to College

Vlad-speechOk… so yesterday I sent my little Vlad off to Sims University. I was so proud of him — he aced his aptitude test, scoring 400 out of 400 in all but one field of study. Such a good boy, my Vlad. He’s majoring in technology so he can get a boost in his law enforcement career when he gets back home. (Never mind that he’s already at level 10… that is totally beside the point.)

I managed to not interfere with the game enough yesterday to get through his first three days on campus. He went to all his classes, though he kind of had trouble with the outdoor activity on Tuesday (he was trying to teleport to the comic book shop and it just wasn’t working). He found time to find new friends, and lose new friends, and turn Ashley Corono into a romantic interest. He earned influence with the nerds when he would study or play with the brain machine. He earned points with the rebels for just about everything else he did. After all, he’s still Vlad. He even managed to earn some points with the jocks for being friends with Ashley and doing a few keg stands. And yes, he even found time to study. Did I mention that I play with testing cheats enabled?

This morning we managed to get through his Wednesday class schedule, after which he was invited to a party at the sorority house. He was more than happy to attend as soon as Hanna Germanotta arrived to get things started. First on his list of party games was to find the keg. First on her list of party games was a little woohoo with him. He didn’t want to, but she made him… Ok, that’s not true. I’m not sure whose idea it was. Then it was back to the keg. A short time later he was streaking through the house. Then another woohoo. More streaking. Then Hanna thanked him for making the party awesome and I decided perhaps it was time for him to go home, where he studied for awhile before going to bed. So far, so good.

I should probably point out a few things before I go on. This time around I have all the NRaas mods that I usually use installed and operational. I haven’t imported my settings from SV2E so things operate a little bit differently. There were only 6 vampires on campus so I didn’t feel there was a need for both the Slayers and the Helsings, so no Helsings. Since Vlad is my active and I can’t bounce around from sim to sim like I do at home, he isn’t the Dracul here. Matthew Tellmer was given that role. The duly appointed Nosferatu is Ashley Corono (remember from Moe’s visit I had to remove her evil trait — it’s working for her now). When playing around with the settings for StoryProgression I only set the push death chance to something like 5%. I don’t really need, or want, sims dying from trying to fix their broken appliances, or from the Slayers going after the vampires. College should be fun. Not necessarily deadly. Right?

Bright and early Thursday morning Vlad got the usual 6:00 AM wake up call and the notice that his classes would be starting soon. His activity classes are at 4:00 PM… Not exactly my idea of soon. So he sent a secret admirer text to Ashley (I watched her receive one earlier and they really aren’t so secret after all). Then he sent her a woohooty text. Soon she was at the frat house and they were having a grand time testing the springs in his bed. They hung out together for awhile, along with about half the frat “boys,” before it was finally time for Vlad to head off to the Student Union for a lecture. Once he was there, seated in the front row, and taking notes (such a good boy) I stepped out of the room for awhile and let the game run without me. No biggie, I do  that a lot when I’m trying not to interfere — I really do like to see what kind of situations my sims will get into on their own. 🙂 Really.

remains of Matthew Tellmer

Never leave an assassin alone.

When I came back into the room the lecture was over. Vlad wasn’t at his seat. Instead I found this (see image). I was a little concerned at first — Vlad had been sitting at the front table, in the seat on the right. Then I realized there wasn’t anyone on campus who could have done something like that to Vlad. On the other hand, he is more than capable of doing that to everyone else. It turns out that is the ash pile of Matthew Tellmer. You read that correctly. The campus Dracul is now a pile of ash. And I thought Elvira didn’t like competition. Of course, she never had to face another Nosferatu. Had Janie not been killed so young, perhaps El would have taken her out. As far as what happened to that other guy, I have no idea. My first guess is that he could be a coward who fainted at the sight of a dying sim. Or maybe he was put to sleep by a boring lecture. Who knows, it isn’t really important to the story — it just adds a little extra flavor to the image. lol

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