The Baby Boom

LilySchlick1For some reason I haven’t felt much like playing the game today, so I guess I”ll take the opportunity to get all y’all caught up on some of the happenings around SV2E. Starting in the middle of January and going on till the latest patch was released, I was helping test Phase 15 of twallan’s StoryProgression. He made some major changes in how things are organized, added new functionality, and opened up new realms of micromanagement. It’s awesome!

In my last post I told you about how Elvira and Vlad were trying to kill each other. Well, it wasn’t long after that SP decided to try it again. I got a notice that were dating again. Frankly, I’d had enough. So I took advantage of the caste feature in the new SP and gave each of them their very own caste. And then disallowed the member of one caste from partnering with the member of the other caste. Problem solved. However I did leave them with the option to flirt and carry on with each other so I frequently find her over at his house. Another custom caste is for the group of sims who have done their fair share (and then some) of swimming in the local gene pool. Initially I had a bunch of sims in that group but most of them were eliminated when Joey needed to boost his assassination skill for work. Vlad, Elvira, Moe, and Sarah are currently the only members of the group. It used to include the likes of the Hayes Bunnies, until they passed away.

For some reason my townsfolk have been having trouble producing kids (unless they’re related to the Schlick family) so I had to step in a few times. The first time was actually part of a test to see if StoryProgression would properly fire off a scenario to get someone pregnant. From that we got Faith Abraham, the second daughter of Gracie and Isaac. Recently though SP stepped up to the plate on its own and a third Abraham child is on his or her way. I also did a little pollinating around town — so many couples have been dating, but not marrying and having kids that something had to be done to get their genes into the next generation. Aurora Bradford is now carrying Shaun3 Kassanova’s child (the 3 is just to help differentiate him from Shaun and Shaun Jr.); and Aisha Kassanova is carrying Andre Kassanova-Mueller’s child.

Also currently expecting offspring: Dennis and Olivia Healy (#2); Kelly and Terrence Charming (their 2nd — their first took a bit of nudging and an actual Try For Baby effort); Rebekah and Sergei Schlick (#1); Kylie and Cody Schlick (#2); and finally, Carol Brady and ? (either Mike Brady or Joey Schlick). This afternoon Holly Schlick gave birth to twins while her husband, Adam, was outside flirting with one of his groupies (he is the Town Casanova, after all). Earlier in the week Marcia Brady Schlick and Michelle Schlick Ashcroft gave birth, the first for each.

I recently added the Generations EP to my lineup which promptly caused several mass graduations to occur. Everyone in town of the Young Adult stage or higher has now graduated. It was really rather odd to look at Joey’s mood panel and see that he was a proud graduate, a proud parent, and a proud sibling all at the same time. I’m still playing around with all the new traits and moodlets, and trying to figure out all the new functionality (like bachelor parties, proms, weddings, etc.). I also picked up the Fast Lane Stuff pack so Dennis could finally have his crotch rocket. 🙂

Speaking of Dennis, he left his position at the Kassanova-Pesce Happy Haunts Cemetery and took a job working at the Old Pier Beach Club. The hours are significantly better (he doesn’t start until 3:30 PM) so he can spend more time with his wife and daughter. And the new baby.

Most recently Cyndi Brady attended her prom with Bo Rockefeller. She was, of course, voted Prom Queen, and Bo asked her to go steady. It meant she’d have to break things off with Vlad, but she was okay with that. Big sister Jan just graduated and got engaged to Bo’s big brother, Chance (not in that order, though). Marcia married Zach Schlick and will be celebrating one year together very soon.

Yesterday Carol Brady made a huge mistake in judgment — not her first, mind you, having an affair is never a good idea. She needed some quick cash deposited into her family’s account so she stopped by to see Joey at home. It shouldn’t have been any big deal, a quick romp in the actor’s trailer in the driveway, 15,000 simoleans added to her account by her lover, she’s on her way and the family stays out of debt. It didn’t happen quite like that. After their romp, and after making the deposit, Joey ran off to work. Leaving Carol standing in the sun. Since Carol recently turned into a vampire she decided it would be good to go inside. Wrong. Hannah was inside. Hannah (for some strange reason) doesn’t particularly like Carol. Carol tried really hard to make nice and be friendly. Hannah was having none of it. So finally Carol confessed to being attracted to Joey and left. Later in the day, when Mike got home from the office, he was overwhelmed by the sudden rush of a betrayal moodlet. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy to learn that his wife had been cheating on him. He didn’t even give the relationship 24 hours to turn around. It was over. But Carol’s bad day didn’t quite end there. She also heard from Joey. He wasn’t terribly happy either and broke off their relationship. All this on top of learning that she was pregnant and not knowing who the father is. I don’t think I’ve seen a sim encounter a worse day. Ever. Oh no, there was one — the day that Amanda Kassanova and both the fathers of her daughters died, that was pretty rough on those little girls.

I guess I’ll close with that. It’s getting late and I need to shut down my world and crawl under some blankets. And I’m missing Ghost Hunters. ACK! Good thing the DVR is recording it. Phew.

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