The Baby Boom

LilySchlick1For some reason I haven’t felt much like playing the game today, so I guess I”ll take the opportunity to get all y’all caught up on some of the happenings around SV2E. Starting in the middle of January and going on till the latest patch was released, I was helping test Phase 15 of twallan’s StoryProgression. He made some major changes in how things are organized, added new functionality, and opened up new realms of micromanagement. It’s awesome!

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Till Death Do Us Part

Elvira-killing-VladI know! It’s been a very long time since I’ve added anything new to the chronicles of my Naughty Little Assassins. They were apparently too busy raising kids to bother killing one. 😛 Thankfully the drought is over. Both Vlad and Elvira have added new victims to their hit lists. Let me see if I can remember the details of the first hit that hasn’t been reported…

Late one night, over at the Kassanova-Pesce Happy Haunts Cemetery, several of the young adults were hanging out. This isn’t an unusual occurrence so I hadn’t been paying much attention to who was there. When 4:00 AM rolled along I dropped in and made Dennis Healy my active so he could hang out with the residents for awhile. He began chatting with Noelle Kassanova, who had been building an igloo. Then Elvira came over to chat with Noelle. I don’t really know what happened next, but Noelle was electrocuted right there in the cemetery. She went down in front of Dennis and even her little brother, as I recall. And Elvira laughed. Then she left. She just walked right off the lot and left. All those witness and she didn’t get arrested. It was sad. 😦
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