The Schlicks Get Married

International travel: a bonding experience.

International travel: a bonding experience.

I finally got all the stories and images moved to this site. And gave all y’all a break from the rapid succession of posts (ok, I was the one getting the break). Once again I can delve into current events in Sunset Valley. When last we left the good citizens of the valley, Vlad had been promoted to level 8 in his law enforcement career; Aisha was pregnant with Cory’s baby, but Cory had died by pie; several fires had broken out at the Kassanova house; and no sim-icides had been committed in a very long time.

Vlad has since made it level 9: Triple Agent, and is just one or two days from achieving his lifetime wish of becoming an International Super Spy. Yea Vlad! Aisha gave birth to a boy, who has been named. What his name is, I can’t tell you right now (I forgot). When I gave up control of the Kassanova household in favor of returning to Vlad and helping him complete his goal, SP took over and caused Ava to become engaged to Erica Sullivan. I decided to go along with it and moved Ava into Erica’s house — after all, she only moved into the Kassanova house because she was with Heather. The fact that she stayed after Heather’s death was very generous of Annie and Cory, but a new relationship outside the house meant it was as good a time as any for her to stop mooching off the Kassanovas. Shortly after the move Ava and Erica got married. It was just announced last night that Aisha has proposed to Erica’s sister, Janna. Lovely. Glad I made her look at least a little less pudding-like when I brought her back into the game.


Vlad chatting with Isaac at the reception — possibly announcing his own engagement… Regan (on the right) looks a bit miffed that she wasn’t the bride.

Vlad and Sarah’s son Isaac got married to Gracie Hayes. I’m so happy for her. He’s just too darn cute. It was an SP-inspired wedding so the kids failed to invite their parents. However, the after-party was held at Nate and Jessie’s place and Vlad got an invitation. Sarah had to work that afternoon, which I presume is why she didn’t receive an invitation. During the party, before Vlad and Brianna headed upstairs for a little fun of their own, Gracie somehow managed to get pregnant. Go figure. lol After his little roll in the sheets with Brianna, Vlad was able to get caught up with Hannah — which resulted in another roll in the sheets. This time, since neither was a resident of the household, they were asked to leave the party. This is apparently a new feature in the game. One that I don’t care for. Half the fun of sending Vlad and Sarah to parties was seeing how often they manage to sneak off to a bedroom… and who follows (or leads the way).

Vlad, Kelly, and Olivia at the martial arts academy in Shang Simla.

Vlad, Kelly, and Olivia spending the night training at the martial arts academy in Shang Simla.

While I was temporarily back with the Kassanovas, getting Ava moved out and such, Vlad and Kelly got married. This time Isaac wasn’t invited. Turnabout’s fair play, I guess. lol A few days later, after Kelly had received an opportunity that required her to go Shang Simla, China, and Vlad popped the wish to visit, I sent them on a honeymoon. I decided they should take Olivia with them since she also had the wish to visit and has the LTW to be a martial arts master. Besides, shouldn’t everyone take a teen on their honeymoon? They had a great time, and it was an awesome family bonding experience. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones staying in the base camp… and there was only one double bed. It was a bit of a challenge for Vlad and Kelly to consummate their marriage but eventually they succeeded. All three advanced their martial arts skills and enjoyed exploring the caverns around town.

No wonder Kelly suffers from performance anxiety.

No wonder Kelly suffers from performance anxiety.

Shortly after their return, Vlad visited the Kassanova household. I found him in the bedroom with a naked Aisha. I thought I knew what was going on, but his skill journal shows no encounter with her. She got dressed and left the room shortly after my arrival, Vlad followed her out. His action queue showed that he was on his way to see Rosa, his partner at work. When I hovered over it to see what he was going to do with her, it said, “Burn!” Stop the presses!!! An assassin action?! Vlad was going to autonomously kill his partner?!? WOW! We haven’t had a death in SV2E in like forever! But… Rosa? Seriously? Hasn’t her family experienced enough tragedy? First Annie was killed by Vlad (and resurrected); then Cory was killed by Elvira (and resurrected — I think that one took place the same day Heather died); then Amanda had 3 kids fathered by Delbert and Robby Huffman — and all three parents died on the same day!!! Rosa, Autumn, and Lucia are all that remain of the Oseguera family tree. After thinking it through, I had to stop Vlad from carrying out his first kill in months. 😦

However, seeing that autonomous killing might be on the rise again, I sent Elvira on a trip to Barnacle Bay to see if she might get the urge. I was hoping/expecting to land in the same community that my sims had left (transferred files from the original game) but instead found Elvira in a time warp. The only familiar face was Moe, but he was still a snot-nosed, workaholic intern. Not the master of all he surveys that he is now. Elvira killed a tourist, but only because I made her. Oddly enough, Grimmy didn’t show up. Even odder, rather than being appalled and scared by the murderer in their midst, the locals all laughed and gathered around El. After that there was only one thing left to do — hit on Moe and see if he takes the bait. That was easy. Too easy. They didn’t even get along but he kept getting those goofy messages about being attracted to her and being made for each other. Blech. One night of that was enough. I closed the game without saving. It was more merciful that way.

Last night (almost done) StoryProgression went crazy. Again. For reasons unknown it removed all vampires from leadership roles in the Personalities. Then assigned new leaders: Lestat went from Moe to Joey; Dracul went from Vlad to Isaac; Nosferatu went from Elvira to Janie; and Gigolo went from Joey to Moe. However, at the same time, both the Helsing and Slayer clans remained in tact. That changed later on though. I got a message that Elena Pope had arisen as the new Helsing — she had been the Slayer. I don’t know who the new Slayer is, I forgot to check. I haven’t reset the roles yet. I’m kind of interested to see how the next generation will fill the shoes of those who went before. I’m a little concerned though because the Helsings and slayers can slay/kill any vampire who isn’t the head of one of the clans. That could be bad news for my favs. Or not. Sarah hasn’t been slain in awhile. I don’t think being head Gigolo was what kept Joey alive. If the clan wars pick up and vamps start getting slain again then maybe I’ll reset the leaders. On a side note, the night before Joey had recruited a new gigolo to work for him by the name Zach Schlick — his teenage son. Getting Joey out of that role might be a good thing for family values. lol

Also last night, Janie finally gave birth to a girl, Krissy Pesce. The greenest little thing I’ve seen in a LONG time. Why green? I have no idea. And I’m not talking vampire-baby green either. I’m talking yellow and blue make green. Almost a kelly green. She quickly made her first trip into CAS to fix that little fiasco. I also decided that since both her parents are vampires she could go ahead and grow up as one, too. Aren’t I sweet?

I guess that’s all the real news there is to report this time around. Hopefully I won’t take so long in between posts so they won’t have to be so long all the time.

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