That is SO Not Right

June 14, 2012

So much to update you on. Hannah and Joey got a divorce. Apparently my little porn princess didn’t like her husband being the Town Gigolo. Or maybe it was all the attention he was paying to Elvira. Cough. Anyway, SP separated them. Shortly thereafter Hannah gave birth to Cody — the first ever non-vampire baby from a mixed couple! At least in my game. No idea why he didn’t get the vampire trait, but I’m not complaining. It’s nice to see that variety is possible — and I was reminded that this wasn’t the first time an occult mixed marriage had a non-occult baby. Christina Oseguera began her life as Christina Kassanova, the daughter of Lance Kassanova, a ghost, and his daughter’s friend, Sandra (Elisabeth had died, Sandra continued to live in the house). Zach has aged up to toddler and is absolutely adorable. He’ll be a heart-breaker some day. 🙂
Joey and Elvira. That is SO not a story. I can’t believe SP thought there was something between them worth turning into a marriage breaker. Almost immediately after the announcement that Joey was getting too hot and heavy with El and his marriage was over because of it, another notice popped up to announce that El is pregnant again. To Vlad…….. again. Not Joey. So slowly but surely Joey will be working his way back into Hannah’s good graces and they will remarry. The night she gave birth to Cody he was at The Grind having a drink. He decided to go visit his wife…. ex-wife….. whatever…. and new baby. I think he did get to hold the baby for a little while, but mostly he was busy trying to make friends with Hannah again. Eventually they were on better-than-talking terms and went for a little romp in the bedroom. Yep, this divorce is in serious jeopardy.

The BIG thing going on with Elvira — besides her pregnancy — is the constant battle between her and Sarah over………….. get this……… Dante DiNapoli, the Casanova! These two women happily share Vlad but they’re fighting over the Casanova??? My eyes are rolling so much I get a headache. lol Dante’s not bad, but…….. please! SP — can’t you come up with some new sims to be fighting over this guy??? Maybe some of the townies would like to have a life. Sarah and El are too busy keeping Vlad off the streets (which also keeps El off the streets — sim-icide rates have been down lately).

Speaking of unnatural sim deaths…. there were a few recently. SV2E had a really bad day last week. Amanda Kassanova died of electrocution after trying to repair something that had been damaged by one of the Kingpin’s minions. Brandon Hayes was supposed to die after a Nosferatu encounter with Joey — I wasn’t ready to let him go, though. At the time that Brandon was dying, Lincoln Huffman was visiting his house — and cackling as he watched the suffering sim. I had forgotten the story of Brandon’s encounter with Joey, but did remember that Lincoln was on the list of level 0 assassins, so I thought maybe he had moved up and was using the skill to kill my boy. Brandon’s mom and dad were already on their way to the house, so when Nate got there I had him “take care of” the offending rude guest. They happened to be in the bathroom with the door closed, so although the family outside the door could hear the commotion, they had no real proof of anything. Nate has now killed two sims without being arrested. 🙂 I later reviewed the story log and discovered that Mr. Huffman was just a rude guest enjoying the suffering of another sim. Oh well. He was a minion of the Kingpin and not a very nice guy. His kids won’t miss him………… much. Later that day his brother, Delbert, had an unfortunate encounter with the elder Mr. Schlick. The most unfortunate aspect of that encounter was the fact that Delbert had 2 kids with Amanda Kassanova — remember her? Now they’re both orphans. Thankfully they were already living with their grandparents so their lives didn’t change too dramatically after losing both parents in one day. But then………. Grandma Annie Kassanova, died of old age! Or maybe she died of shock after losing her daughter, almost losing her nephew, and then learning that her granddaughters had not only lost their mom but their dad, too…….

With all that going on it would seem impossible for me to get bored with it. But I did. I ran out of ideas to drive the story. So I created a new sim for Hannibal to marry and pushed that relationship along to the point that they’re now engaged. As I mentioned, I’ve already begun the process of getting Hannah and Joey back together. I decided Moe was spending too much time playing video games and watching tv — but he couldn’t spend as much time fishing as he wanted and gardening is also a daytime no-no for vampires. So I gave him a job — I sent him back to the fire department to work his way up through the ranks and re-earn his Woo Woo 4000. However, after taking him up through the ranks a time or two already I really don’t have any desire to play the firefighter role — to sit there watching him play video games at the fire house waiting for the alarm to go off, or spawning jobs for him, so I started giving him the levels rather than making him work for them. That doesn’t accomplish my original goal for putting him back to work… lol I don’t know what I’m going to do with him. I may send him back to his rabbithole career in medicine. He can work his way up that ladder without ever having to go outside (as long as I ignore the opportunities to serve his community). Having a job does seem to have stopped Shelby Goth from visiting his house during the day… and staying until well after dark (or the next morning). However it seems that now Rae Bradford finds herself standing on the sidewalk out front…….. not really sure what she wants to do. At least she isn’t married — and her last boyfriend died in the last paragraph. She seems to be available at the moment.

Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander (a work in progress)

Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander (a work in progress)

Anyway…. with my boredom increasing I found a new project to undertake in the form of trying to create a sim version of Duncan MacLeod from The Highlander tv series. Research has been quite enjoyable, I must say. Check out Works in Progress for updates. I decided to play my new sim in the medieval world of Edenshire 2 since he’s supposed to be 400 years old. TS3 was never intended to be taken out of modern times. It is SO annoying to have people running around in non-period clothing, cell phones ringing off the hook, refrigerators, and everything else that just doesn’t fit the period. I’ve decided that once my Duncan has mastered riding and fishing he’ll be moving forward a few hundred years. lol I’m not sure what town he’ll move to — but it won’t be SV2E. He’ll have his own game. 🙂

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