Phew. Finally Got Everything Moved.

Winter at Vlad's house

Winter at Vlad’s house

When I returned to playing The Sims 3 back in November I discovered that my wiki site was having issues with loading my images. I thought of all sorts of reasons why that might be the case, but none of them helped me solve the problem. I can’t see most of the images when I visit the site. That’s not good. I like my images. lol So I decided to move the blog portion to a “real” blog site, one that would even allow me to easily insert images into my posts without having to use tables.

I tried Blogger since I had an account there and so many people use the service. I wasn’t nearly as impressed as I’d hoped to be. Too many years working with WordPress made some of the differences rather glaring. My biggest hang up was that my images were being stored on another site somewhere — an image sharing site. All the images are out there… somewhere… for all the world to see without ever having to check out my blog. And I couldn’t figure out how to set up image galleries and insert them in posts, so if I wanted multiple images in a single post they had to be inserted using tables and virtually no imagination. So I came back to WordPress, where I discovered that I needed to open a new account or have all of my blogs linked together with posts all being made using the same profile. That’s new. I don’t like it, but I’ll live with it for now. What really matters is that I’ve got galleries now! Bad Vlad and Vlad the Bunny have never looked so good! lol

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