More Babies For Elvira

June 2, 2012

Elijah as a teen

Elijah as a teen

Well El finally got back on the horse — she finally killed someone in SV2E. lol Thankfully it was someone I can live without, though apparently Joey was quite fond of her. And Hannibal. They both have the broken heart for the next 2 days. 😦 One less lonely widow for the gigolos to toy with.

Hannah is preggers again. To Joey again. Thank goodness. lol Only about 8 days to go until she’ll pops. 🙂 Guess I need to find a place for another crib. Or move them to a bigger house. That would probably be a lot easier than finding more space in their house. At least until I get it back into Edit Town’s Build mode and do some more work on it.

Evan and Helena’s marriage is seriously in jeopardy. I checked in on them again, and again Evan had the betrayed moodlet with 5 days of anger yet to be lived through. And she went to bed in another room — in her son’s bed. I have no clue what he thinks she did today — she hasn’t seen Moe in several sim-days. He’s been too busy with Dean Goth’s wife, Shelby — for reasons known only to her (and/or SP) she started showing up at Moe and Allie’s house. Whenever I’d see her there I’d go stick my nose in their business to see what was going on — and what was going to happen next. They (Moe and Shelby) were almost always flirting when I got there, but then he’d wander off to play video games or watch tv and she’d head in the other direction to watch the other tv. I got tired of that. If you’re gonna cheat on your husband, then cheat on your husband. Don’t play silly games. So now it’s official: she’s cheating on her husband.

Last night Elijah Slayer’s girlfriend gave birth to twins. There was no fertility treatment involved — I think “Kids” is her favorite style of music. She probably listened to it too much and/or watched too much kiddie tv. Their names are, at least for now, Tim and Roseanna. I’ve been complaining a bit lately about the number of teen girls with multiple kids, and how rare it has been that any of the father’s have stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility for their offspring. Elijah was different. When he found out Nakia was pregnant he asked her to marry him and only 24 hours since the birth, they’re now married. I had to give a little assistance to SP though since teens aren’t allowed to move without an adult, I used Add Sim to move her and the babies into the house with Elijah (and Randy…. and Elvira). Hopefully she and her new mother-in-law will take kindly to each other so we don’t have any deaths coming from this arrangement. lol

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