Getting Caught Up

December 11, 2012

Sunset Valley in Autumn

Sunset Valley in Autumn

Ok. So it’s been awhile. In July I signed up for a course to help me pass the CompTIA A+ certification tests so I had to curtail my Sims 3 activity. It’s really hard to study when you’re playing computer games. Since I pre-ordered Seasons I knew I’d be back soon enough. I haven’t taken the exams yet so I probably shouldn’t be spending so much time playing games instead of studying, but I missed my sims. Maybe I’ll get back to studying before Christmas.

I actually didn’t quit playing the game until late July, leaving quite a bit that wasn’t posted here. I’ll try to get you caught up, but it’ll probably be in the form of messages sent to friends as events happened. That seems the easiest way to remember things. lol

  • June 17
    • I’m not sure how long I’ve let the game run this morning, but still no lagging or freezing. I actually let Vlad kill someone — he picked a paparazzi this time, no harm done. lol Now he’s at Jessie’s party relaxing in the hot tub while Sarah is upstairs woohooing with Matthew Sullivan. Don’t know if the cops will show up or not… πŸ™‚
  • June 19
    • Egads! Just got a new story that I haven’t seen before — and best not see again! lol It would seem that the vampire hunter Dean Goth beat the snot out of Vlad!(???) I see some potential for the mysterious disappearance of a fellow cop…..
      • (Dean Goth died a short time later, leaving his wife free to pursue the vampire of her dreams.)
    • Joey got himself a little more Hannah before the sun came up. Then popped the wish to serenade her. Now THAT’S grovelling! lol And it worked. Lots of new options appeared in the romantic menu and once he asked her to go steady the friendly menu fleshed out again. They’re finally able to talk to each other. lol
      • (Background: At some point while Hannah and Joey were inactive, SP decided that the former “film star” didn’t approve of Joey’s avocation as the local gigolo. They got divorced and Joey moved out. Getting them back together took a bit of effort. And a couple no jealousy rewards.)
  • July 2
    • OfficerVlad-down

      Officer Vlad got trapped under rubble from an earthquake! Good thing Firefighter Moe was on the job to rescue him!

      So I’ve got Moe in bed with Sarah……. things are going along comfortably, no big deal. I notice Hannibal is looking a little yellow in his portrait, so I go to map view to see if he’s gotten stuck anywhere again. No, he’s at home with Toby. His map tag says he’s sad. What’s he got to be sad about, I wonder. Make him active and I discover he has a broken heart. Say what??? Ok…. wait….. he’s a gigolo, he has lots of RIs. Any one of them could have died and he’d get the broken heart moodlet. But where’s Gillian? Found her… in the morgue. Naughty boy Vlad! This is how you repay me after I sent Moe in to clear the rubble off of your nearly lifeless body and stop the gas leak so your house didn’t explode??? Maybe I should let the earthquake have him next time. lol Well, back to the game. I have a sim to resurrect. πŸ™‚

  • July 5
    • Nate got into it with Joey, who was playing evil Nosferatu guy at the time. Nate went home and wanted to woohoo. Jessie was busy upgrading the stove. Now Nate is dead. (Apparently he did find time to go to the hospital after I switched households.) Three of his children inherited something. Supposedly. Five kids and his wife did not. Do I resurrect him, and hope he comes back with all the right traits and genetics? Do I quit the game and reload from the last save? Do I leave him dead and Jessie a widow with no prospects for another relationship… ever? What’s the point of allow push death = true if I’m not going to let my sims die unnatural deaths at inopportune times? What’s the point of DE if I’m not going to resurrect dead sims? LOL
      • (Nate got resurrected and SP assigned him to be one of Moe’s coworkers at the firehouse. It didn’t take him long to rise through the ranks and join Moe as a fire chief.)
  • July 20
    • Ok… this is really bad but I find myself cheering the fact that Randy Slayer has died as a result of burns he received from a recent fire. I’m not even gonna question that he was nowhere near the fire other than to be on the same lot (it was in the garage and no one could even open the door for Moe to put the fire out). One less evil vampire in town. One less son of a Schlick. Makes room for growth. πŸ™‚
  • July 26
    • Peculiar development in the few minutes I’ve played the game this evening… I was just notified that “Chronic illness has forced Celina Schlick’s guardian to give her up”. Celina’s guardian was none other than her mother, KerryAnn.
      KerryAnn is currently in the hospital — not because she’s sick, but because she was burned in an arson fire. Why do I get the sinking feeling that sending Celina to live with her dad is just the beginning… KerryAnn has nearly half a dozen kids living with her (including Celina’s twin), and if she isn’t fit to keep 1 of them she shouldn’t ought to be fit to keep the rest… right? This could be a long evening of kids being rehomed so she can die from a stupid little arson fire. lol

      • (KerryAnn did die from the stupid little arson fire. Most of her kids went to live with Vlad and Sarah, including those bearing no relation to Vlad. One, Joey’s little brother Adam, went to live with Joey and Hannah. A few days after the kids moved in with Vlad and Sarah, Sarah moved out taking Janie, Jason, Isaac, Jacob, and Candace with her.)
  • November 28
    • OMG how incredibly sad! I was just looking for likely households to exact a natural disaster upon and found a child sired by the late Lester Landgraab. Wondering who the heck Lester Landgraab was I started going through the story logs and discovered that Lester Mosely-Landgraab was the young man I sent to keep Robert Landgraab company — they eventually got married. But less than 8 hours after the happy event Lester was dead. Injured in a Nosferatu brawl with Vlad. Guess he won’t mind too much if his only kid vanishes from the face of SV2E.Unfortunately, that particular household has a Vlad grandbaby. Must decide whether Jason’s kid can live. Hmm. I suppose he could go visit daddy for awhile… maybe permanently.
      • (Too many pudding-faced sims prompted a population cleansing. Many sims died unexpectedly, or simply vanished without a trace, while others suddenly appeared in town. Among the new arrivals are the Ashcrofts, headed by single father Blake and his sister Elaine; Ricky Carpenter and his sister Karen; sisters Cassidy and Kylie Gentry, and their roommate Holly Ivey; and last but not least, Ginger Ale.)
  • December 1
    • (With Seasons came thoughts of a new, shorter lifespan in SV2E, with the concept of years taking precedence over days — 7 days=1 season, 28 days=1 year.)

      If I make pregnancy 21 days with a 7 day cool down, girls won’t be able to finish high school with more than 2 kids (if I re-enable teen pregnancy). Grown up females will only have enough time for 6 kids — unless they have multiples. That seems reasonable. The fun part is gonna be making the switch in the game. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone suddenly ages up and/or out.

  • December 2
    • It would seem I have my work cut out for me today. 46+ sims aged up. Included in that are Cory, Jessie & Nate, Evan & Helena, many of their respective offspring, Ava, and numerous members of the Schlick/Abraham/Slayer brood. All of whom will need a trip to the Stylist, possibly a trip to CAS, to correct the egregious fashion faux pas that has been inflicted upon them and an age correction for the older offspring so they will reach the next age stage ahead of their younger siblings.
  • December 4
    Candace Pesce (Moe + Sarah)

    Candace Pesce (Moe + Sarah)

    • Even though this (Candace) is the child of Moe and Sarah — KerryAnn’s baby sister — I do believe I’m adding her to the list of sims to be eliminated. OMG! She’s perhaps the worst possible outcome of any two sims I’ve got in the game. lol
      • (Candace is no longer with us.)
  • December 6
    • It seems I have somehow miscalculated Vlad’s actions. According to the assassination skill journal he has 28 kills under his belt — my records only have 27. Either he got credit for something he didn’t do, or he did something that I didn’t catch. I’m leaning toward the latter. Such a bad boy! lol
  • December 7
    • (This came after the sudden death of Helena Kassanova — she was electrocuted by a broken rug. A couple weeks earlier she and Evan had gotten divorced, but stayed in the same house. They were trying to work it out and get back together.)

      I didn’t bother resetting or resurrecting her. Life in SV2E shall go on. Sigh. lol I am glad I got some pics of her and Moe together. They did make a cute couple. lolI believe Joey was the naughty Schlick this morning — I saw him drive over to visit Robert Landgraab in the early morning hours. Then later got a notice that Robert had died from getting beaten up. I popped over to the hospital to see him and he had had the life drained out of him — the trademark of a vampire.

      Vlad's a work of art... and he totally knows it!

      Vlad’s a work of art… and he totally knows it!

      Meanwhile, I was controlling Vlad, so I know it wasn’t him. He was too busy making time with the ladies. Sarah moved back home since all the teens she’d been raising had aged up, plus he met one of the new girls at the summer festival last night and wanted to become “good” friends with her today. πŸ™‚ Naturally she’s now a romantic interest. I’ll post pics of Vlad in his new jacket a little later — after I do something “productive” today. lol

  • December 9
    • Vlad got promoted to level 8, I forget what it is exactly, but he’s a little closer to fulfilling his LTW.Sarah is on her way to jail for not paying child support. I’m trying to figure what child she has whose still young enough to require support. I thought all her kids were YAs already. Maybe the failure to pay occurred before they aged up.I checked the story log and it turns out that Helena’s “accident” with the rug was the result of Shelby breaking it in a battle over the Casanova. I’m thinking I either need to lower the chance of death, disallow the destructive and deadly stories, or remove the Casanova from the game. I’m really getting tired of all the stories about someone busting up someone else’s house over the guy. He ain’t even that great to look at. lol

      I was wrong about Joey killing Robert Landgraab — it was Jill DiNapoli in a Helsing slay. Nice to know Joey doesn’t have any fresh blood on his hands. :)Speaking of Joey, apparently he didn’t think 2 was a sufficient number of gigolos for a town the size of SV2E. It didn’t take him long to recruit Rebekah Abraham, Ava, and Sarah. Now he’s got Hannibal back in the clan. Morality is definitely not a high priority in this town. lol

    • Life has taken a few interesting turns since my last report. lol Joey was getting a promotion at work and had to choose between life as a mobster or being an undercover cop trying to bring them down. I chose the mobster for him. Don’t know why, he’s really such a good guy that the cop angle is really a better fit. I guess I just want him to kill somebody. lol

      Then things took a tragic turn. Cory took his beautiful, pregnant wife, Aisha to the Fall Festival where they were having a grand time (in the time machine). Then Cory got hungry and rather than climbing the stairs to the concession stands for some standard fair food, he opted for the pie eating contest. He was a shoo (or is it shoe?) in to win, especially after Hannibal had to leave for work. Unfortunately he must have been eating just a tad too fast cuz he took a horrible gasp, started coughing, his hunger bar flashed and he fell down. Dead. As the proverbial door nail. Landed with his head under the table. It was bad. Sigh. Knowing that possibility existed, I made the decision before the contest began that if that should be the outcome I’d let him go. After all, he was old and the girls were waiting for him to kick off anyway. But I kind of expected a reprieve from Grimmy what with his wife being pregnant and all. No such luck. They shook hands and Cory was off to Netherland. Since he had been my active at the time I was switched to the new head of the household — Raven Horse. Yeah, she’s the oldest now. lol I switched to Aisha before the last rites were completed which meant that Aisha was now the active sim at the scene of an unnatural death. Guess what that means??? Yep! She’s now got credit for her first kill! But this time there was a popup asking if I wanted her to get the credit or not. Nice touch. πŸ™‚ So now the question is, will Aisha and Ava get together or will they still just play footsies since Ava is partnered up with Erica? Will Aisha accept some of the date invitations that keep popping up? Hmm… stay tuned. lol

    • After sending Aisha home I decided to check in on Lucia and the horse. They had managed to make their way over to the family owned training facility and now it was getting dark. They had apparently been training pretty hard so Lucia was giving Raven a bit of a break. While they were standing around it started to rain so I sent them into the barn. Then realized that once it starts raining it could continue for days, so they should probably accept their soggy reality and head home. Along the way, Raven spooked at some lightning. While I was getting her started in the right direction again a message popped up that a fire had started on the home lot. Oh yeah — the fireproof homestead was Cory’s LTR… no Cory no reward lots of fires with 6 fireplaces. πŸ˜› Guess Aisha will be busy upgrading them all to fireproof while she waits for the baby. Autumn was standing in the corner in the foyer — the closest sim to the flames — so I sent her into the study to deal with it. Naturally, everyone else on the property comes in to do the panic dance and shriek for awhile. Autumn gets the flames out, then walks in front of the fireplace, over the spot that was burning. Tough chick. Bad idea, chickie. There was a smoldering hot spot that jumped on her butt and started the rug burning again. So now she’s trying to run away but the fire is following her close behind. Thankfully her panic-stricken housemates were able to pull themselves together. Rosa grabbed one extinguisher and began spraying Autumn’s bottoms while Aisha grabbed another extinguisher and took care of the floor. Ava provided the sound effects and dance party.
  • December 10
    • Apparently it wasn’t enough. I had Ava set off some kind of pyrotechnic device and rather than launching into the sky it decided to catch the lot on fire. πŸ˜› What’s really sick is that one of the local firefighters (a real one, not an NPC) lives just around the corner and didn’t show up either night — none of the firefighters ever showed up, real or NPC! Grumble. Oh — but this time, since the fire was outside, all the neighbors got to come over and do the screaming panic dance while Ava extinguished the flames. And of course, the household members all woke up and came outside in their jammies. Not so bad for Rosa, in her puppy dog Union suit, but Lucia was a tad scantily clad in her bra and G-string. lol

You, my dear reader, are now pretty well caught up on the events that have taken place since July. Oops — there were a couple other notable events: Shaun Jr. found a plate of Ambrosia and was resurrected from the dead. He lived with Allie and Moe for awhile until Edgar Wilson died, leaving his little brother Terrence Charming to be rehomed by SP. Since the house rightfully belonged to Terrence, I had Shaun Jr. move in as guardian so Terrence could keep his home. A short time later Allie died of old age. Seriously old age. Still waiting for Jason Rao to do the same — or for the fortitude to try to kill him off myself… again. lol

If I left someone out of the update and you’re curious to know what’s going on with them, feel free to ask. πŸ™‚

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