All’s Quiet… For SV2E

June 1, 2012

Helena Kassanova

Helena Kassanova

Life in SV2E has been rather calm, almost quiet even. When I reported on KerryAnn’s pregnancy I forgot about one tiny little detail. Vlad’s fertility treatment. Joey now has two baby sisters. 🙂 And a brother on the way. Yes, just one this time. After four sets of twins for Mr. Schlick I decided it was time to remove that fertility menace. He may yet get neutered, but for now no snip. I can’t promise that will last, apparently he’s the only man in town who appreciates a female gigolo, and KerryAnn doesn’t need to keep having his babies. Add to that the fact that two of his teenage sons have managed to get girls pregnant, I think we have enough underage vampires for one community. Oh — and I almost forgot — between the birth of Celina and Michelle and KerryAnn’s latest pregnancy, Holly Alto also gave birth to a Vlad Schlick baby girl. Lucky for Holly she only had one, Gwendolyn.

Speaking of KerryAnn, she and Drew have gotten a divorce. She moved out and took the kids — John Paul Pope, Tiffany Pope, and Celina and Michelle Schlick. Silly me, I thought perhaps Drew had grown weary of his wife’s extra-curricular activities as a gigolo and the Town Bike, but no, apparently KerryAnn had gotten tired of putting up with Drew. I still haven’t figured out what that’s all about. I never liked the guy, but he was a saint compared to her. He isn’t even active in any of the personalities in town.

Vlad had grown weary of the constant Magnate parties and decided to do away with the Magnate. Too bad he'll still be invited to them by the new Magnate. Poor Vlad.

Vlad had grown weary of the constant Magnate parties and decided to do away with the Magnate. Too bad he’ll still be invited to them by the new Magnate. Poor Vlad.

We’ve had a lot of deaths over the past week — and only two of them were the result of Vlad having free rein with his assassin skill. He killed one of the porn stars spawned by the game to give Moe, Hannibal, and Hannah more coworkers (the game spawned a total of three coworkers — two elders and one morbidly obese YA; the elders were fired, the YA got an extreme makeover). She was wandering around town after work in career outfit. My guess would be that Vlad took offense at seeing a half naked woman on the streets of SV2E. We know what a prude he can be. LOL The other sim-icide victim was the Town Magnate, Joshua Wilson. Vlad killed him in his own house during a party. This so totally freaked out the rest of the guests that they continued to party till the sun came up. Apparently the arresting officer wasn’t on the guest list so he wasn’t able to get in the house to arrest Vlad. Vlad obliged him by going outside but the officer took off without his perp. Oh well.

In addition to the two murders, several sims died from personality related events and old age. Robbie Huffman died after an encounter with a member of the Nosferatu. Gino Hall died of smoke inhalation after a member of the Kingpin clan started a fire in his house. Heather Oseguera also died after a Kingpin arson attack. Meghan Wright, and William and Angelina Charming all died of old age.

Evan and Helena Kassanova have been experiencing some marital difficulties in recent days. Things were fine when it was just Evan occasionally sneaking off for a quickie with a bouncer at the bar back in Sunset Valley, or maybe a young friend who stopped by for a visit. But when Helena discovered the joy of an afternoon spent with Moe….. well, that didn’t sit well with Evan. Then she learned of his activities…. Their relationship took a nose dive well into the negative range. Since decent relationships are difficult to find, I’m doing what I can to keep this one floating though I haven’t yet gone so far as to make it off limits to SP. And since I enjoy playing out the lover in Moe, it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll be able to keep his hands off the lovely Helena. While we’re talking about Helena, I should point out that of the two sets of twins born just a day apart in the Oseguera household, she is the last to survive. It’s difficult to conceive the heartache of losing three out of four children before they even become adults. 😦

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