Who’s Minding the Baby?

originally posted May 23, 2012

Evan Kassanova

Evan Kassanova

Has it been 10 days since my last report? Wow. I guess I’ve got some ground to cover. Sarah gave birth to Candace, Moe’s daughter (making her KerryAnn’s full sister). She looks positively green in her pink blankie. Vlad engaged in a little gigolo canoodling with KerryAnn (she’s working for her son now) and they have another child on the way. Joey is getting his first full brother or sister at approximately the same time that his own first born will be born. Yes, that’s right, Joey and Hannah are expecting, which prompted them to rush to the alter (this was not the work of StoryProgression). It remains to be seen if Hannah will be ok with his avocation. Given her career, though, she really isn’t in a position to complain about his activities — as long as he takes appropriate precautions. 🙂 The last noteworthy birth is that of Toby Hayes, the son of Hannibal Hayes (Hannah’s twin) and Ebony Huffman. Toby is already in those precious, precocious toddler days.

The biggest ordeal that had to be dealt with came from the elder babysitters. The first time “it” happened it was between Hannibal and his baby sister’s babysitter. I didn’t think too much of it (except a hearty, “Eeeuuuwww, Hannibal, how could you? Yuck.”) Hannibal works in the….uh…umm… film industry… with his sister, and he works as a gigolo with his brother-in-law, so…. whatever. Shortly after that Hannibal and Toby were moved into their own place to reduce the overcrowding at the Hayes’ seaside manor. One night I followed him home, where he was met by Toby’s babysitter — another woman of elder status. After a short time of playing with Toby, Hannibal was being summoned to the bedroom. Excuse me?! Yup, that’s right. The babysitter went into his bedroom, stripped down, and called him to her. I was shocked. How dare she take advantage of her position in the household like that! It made me rethink what may have happened a few days earlier. Maybe Hannibal was taken advantage of back there, too.

Then I notice there are three babysitters working the circuit (Emma Hayes, Toby Hayes, and Candace Schlick). Two are female — and both have now gotten a little something extra for their efforts. Then one day I’m watching Vlad and Sarah do their bunny hop game (hopping from one bed to another) but I notice that Vlad doesn’t leave the room when Sarah hops out. I follow Sarah right into bed with the male babysitter. Gag! Choke!! Cough!!! This is just sickening. The best thought I had was “at least she’s getting paid for it.” On another occasion, I caught one of the female sitters using Vlad for her immoral desires — while Sarah was home and Candace was being ignored. I had to feel sorry for Vlad, though, as soon as he’d finish with grandma he’d have to go find which bed Sarah was in. Then it was back to the sitter. Then back to Sarah. Then it was…. He finally got a reprieve when he had to attend a party at the Hayes place.

At least, that was the plan. I let him go to the party without me while I took care of something else. When I finally got back to him he had another fresh “satisfying woohoo” buff. What? Who??? Then I noticed Allie, his longtime romantic interest. Yup, she had the satisfied buff, too. Ok, I can live with that….. but kind of eeuwww (that’s my word for the day, in case you didn’t guess) to be doing it at someone else’s house during their party. But then the party’s hostess, Brianna, wanders upstairs. Suddenly Vlad is moving in that general direction. What’s going on, I wonder. Brianna has summoned him. Cute, perky, little Brianna….. is now trying to reach the first skill point in Kama Simtra. This is what happens when the parents are bunnies — even the teenagers can’t control themselves! Then I notice Hannah walking to her room and getting undressed and laying on the bed, expectantly, summoning someone. And Vlad responds. At some point Vlad actually tried to escape — he made it to the gate…… but was called back. Eventually I had to step in and send him home. Where he encountered Sarah……. and the babysitter…… and a shower that needed some upgrading. LOL Long before he finished upgrading the shower it was time to leave for work so he finally did get time to rest. I have since changed some of the settings that are supposed to reduce the enthusiasm with which a sim will continue to woohoo time after time until they finally decide they’re not in the mood. It didn’t seem to affect Vlad in the least. Nor has it had a noticeable impact on Joey and Hannah. Oh well. I can keep trying I suppose. I finally did learn that there is a way to stop the babysitters from taking advantage of their position — and the YAs living in the homes where they work. Of course, that wasn’t until after nearly all the sitters had been fired.

The other BIG event of the past 10 days was Vlad’s adventure in Egypt. He had a career opportunity that required him to gain the photography skill, for that he needed to travel. Other than catching on fire a couple of times and getting beaten up by a mummy, his journey was fairly unremarkable. He quickly gained a skill point in photography and spent the rest of his time in-country exploring a couple of tombs. All in all, it was kind of fun. He just might have to do something like that again. 🙂

The assassination skill is still turned off. However that isn’t stopping sims from moving up in the ranks. Checking the stats now, I see that Jessie Hayes, Matthew Sullivan, Elijah Slayer, and Janie Schlick have all acquired level 0. I don’t worry about Jessie, Matt, and Elijah, they’re all pretty decent sims. The kind who have never been known to use the skill just because they have it. Janie, on the other hand, carries the evil trait. Like her dad. Like Elvira. Janie could be a problem.

There have been a few deaths since the rebirth of the SV2E community. Mostly fight deaths, and maybe one electrocution. I suppose I should check the assassins’ scorecards to verify they haven’t been involved. There was also one “saved by the bell” situation: Evan Kassanova was apparently supposed to die from battle wounds as a member of the slayer’s gang but because his wife was pregnant Grimmy didn’t bother to take him. Yea! I would have been seriously bummed to lose him at such a young age.

Being on the topic of death reminds me — I decided to move all of the bodies that were buried in Moe’s backyard into their own private cemetery…… on the lot behind Moe’s house. In order to reduce the incidence of “tense” ghosts wandering the streets of SV2E, I equipped the cemetery with: professional bar (complete with nightly mixologist), time machine, hot tub, tent, and fishing hole. All of which seem to get used quite frequently by the residents of the Kassanova-Pesce Happy Haunts Cemetery. In fact, the time machine was being used so much I had to disallow pregnancies for residents of the lot. Still, some of the ghosts will choose to wander down to The Grind for a night of dancing, or they’ll visit Moe and Allie next door, but for the most part they’re happy when they leave, rather than tense. And I don’t believe I’ve seen one with the description “going home” as they head out.

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