WOO-HOO! Vlad is getting married!

originally posted May 4, 2012

KerryAnn Pope

KerryAnn Pope

What?!? What is SP thinking??? Just a few minutes ago it was announced that KerryAnn had proposed to Vlad and he was dumb enough to say yes. This is what happens with high autonomy and StoryProgression. On the bright side, lately SP has been announcing a lot of proposals that don’t end up in marriages. Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if this one goes that direction. After all, Vlad is still living with KerryAnn’s mother! Sheesh. lol With all the kids these two have had out of wedlock, it’s pretty safe to say there’s no pregnancy motivating this development. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen Vlad and KerryAnn in the same room together since the last time she moved out of his house.

In other news, almost the entire population of Sunset Valley just made the move to an updated, expanded version of Sunset Valley. Since the move, Vlad has behaved himself pretty well — apparently keeping busy with the ladies when not at work. Moe has sprung to life and is now dating 3 women, one of whom got pregnant after a “safe” encounter in a rabbithole. He did have the decency to visit her this morning. And she decided that a romp or two in the bed were in order. He really wanted to watch tv but being the gentleman that he is, he caved in to her wishes. When she was satisfied he decided it was time to renew his affections with Miss Sarah. A few times. Good thing Vlad’s at work……. and, oh yeah, engaged to their daughter!!! LOL

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