Turn Back the Clock

originally posted May 13, 2012


sunset over Sunset Valley

At some point last week I decided that I didn’t like the way the game was going. Too many deaths. Too many shotgun weddings. Everything was moving too fast and going in weird directions. So I went back to the unpopulated SV2E and began the re-population process all over.

Here’s where we are now:

When the game started rolling SP chose Vlad to be the Lestat. I tried it, I didn’t like it, he’s the Dracul again. I reassigned Moe to the Lestat role. SP had assigned Moe as the Gigolo, again, not my first choice but one I could live with. However when he returned to his post as the Lestat, SP stepped in and made Joey the Gigolo. The first time around in this town SP never assigned a Nosferatu, so I stepped in and gave it back to Elvira. This morning Vlad was recruited into the ranks of that clan, while Sarah and Logan (her son) have joined Moe in the Lestat organization.

I de-vampire-ized all vampires who were no relation to Vlad or Sarah. That cut the vamp population in half and will allow our personalities to have a little more fun for awhile. 🙂

The game has only run for a little over 24 sim-hours so nothing major has occurred. No big announcements like weddings or deaths (especially since autonomous killing has been turned off for awhile).

My how things change in a short amount of time. A little bit of playing time this afternoon has resulted in Moe and Sarah enjoying a little Lestat canoodling which has resulted in a Little Lestat Canoodle. The baby is due in approximately 10 sim-days. Moe was also called in for a little gigolo canoodling. No word on any software wear failures or other issues so I’m assuming there’s only the one bun baking. Vlad wasn’t left out of the fun — he was able to get out and do some Dracul wooing with one of the ladies in town. Also no mention of any unexpected results there. Yet.

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