She just won’t die!

originally posted April 18, 2012

Shipwreck on the Strand

Shipwreck on the Strand

So the other day I downloaded custom career and school mods to use with the ship-shaped diner from Barnacle Bay. I installed it yesterday and was looking forward to watching my sims become pirates — but today I had to uninstall them. 😦 I think one or all of them were responsible for causing my control panel problems (it stopped changing to the profile of the active sim) — it didn’t occur to me last night, but every time it happened one of the teens was the active when it would stop switching profiles. This morning it would lock up as soon as I started clicking on the teens to prompt them to return to school. At one point I got it launched and didn’t send them back to school and the game went along great……. until I made Brandon the active again for some reason.

I thought I’d try disabling the mods to see if that would fix things, but instead it made it worse. The game would launch to the point of the green bar being almost full but the game tips kept cycling through quite rapidly suggesting that the game was still active but not doing anything. Twice that happened — even once after restarting the computer. I deleted the mods and stepped back a save and got things going again. But I lost about 12 sim-hours of activity — including Allie’s death.

Situations like this should be avoided at all cost.

Situations like this should be avoided at all cost.

Today I took full advantage of Allie’s temporary reprieve and sent Vlad over to spend a few hours with her rather than spending the afternoon in and out of the sack with Sarah. 🙂 This time Allie was in bed, buck nekkid, making out with Vlad, when Grimmy showed up. lol That alone should’ve been enough for party animal Grimmy to give her another chance — but this time, I guess because she was in the room with my active, she remembered she had a death flower. Now I have a woman who’s about 80 days past due to die and she didn’t die. Not sure if I’m happy about that or not. If she’s gonna live forever I should probably age her back to adult (like her dad) and let Vlad turn her to a vampire again. Sheesh. Poor Shaun. He’s been waiting for her to die ever since….. well…… ever since his most recent death.

I also have to report that I reactivated autonomy for the kill skill. And both Vlad and El have taken advantage of it. While in uniform, Vlad killed a woman out in front of the bistro. Even though it was out in the open, apparently it was the one night in the history of Sunset Valley that no one else was there to call the cops and take pictures with their cell phones. Elvira decided that she had enough of one of her Kingpin minions and offed her in front of the bookstore. Lots of witnesses, but she was still able to get away before the cops arrived. A cop did go to her house to pick her up, but he kept encountering routing errors and couldn’t walk around them to reach her door. I brought her outside to make it easier for him, but the action got cancelled and he left without arresting her. Adrianna deserved better than that. 😦

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