As SV2E Turns

originally posted May 5, 2012

Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley

Vlad and KerryAnn have tied the knot. KerryAnn and her daughter, Tiffany, have moved in with Vlad. Who is a guest in Sarah’s home, along with his son Joey. Oh yeah, Joey is KerryAnn’s son, too. How nice. For the first time since Joey was an infant the family is living under one roof. And for added flavor, there’s all the extended family: Grandma Sarah, and half-siblings Jason, Janie, Isaac, and Jacob. If I’m remembering this right, all the kids are half siblings to KerryAnn through Sarah, and to Joey through Vlad. So I guess that, by extension, makes Joey and KerryAnn brother and sister? lol Since I wasn’t invited to the wedding, I’ll be serving as the post-event wedding photographer at a later time. Knowing these two, it could be after the divorce. Or maybe I’ll put Sarah in the pics instead of KerryAnn. Her blonde hair looks better with Vlad…..

In looking back over the private messages I’ve shared these past few days I realize there are some highlights I haven’t covered in this blog. The first that comes to mind is the off-hand comment someone made the other day about Moe and Vlad being responsible for virtually all pregnancies in my little town. That isn’t nearly as true as it may seem. The majority of fathers are actually teens, not the two vampires who’ve been around a couple of sim-centuries. However, just like any good jinx, a short time after I read that comment I received a notice from SP that Moe and his new flirt, Elaine Kingston, were expecting a “happy little accident.” Shortly after that message, SP sent me one saying the Moe had yet another new flirt in the form of Chasity Charming. Fortunately for Elaine, Chasity was old and died from all the excitement of dating Moe. (Yes, most of that is a repeat of yesterday’s news. Most of the next paragraph too.)

Unfortunately for Elaine, she just wasn’t Sarah. After woohooing two or three times with Elaine one morning, Moe found himself at Sarah’s house while Vlad was at work and most of the kids were at school. This left Elaine feeling a little orange. Her female intuition was set on high and she knew Moe was up to no good. Betrayal can be so cruel. She really should have checked his resume before hopping in the sack with him. A sim with over 400 notches on his bedpost (and a 740 simolean price tag) is not one to be satisfied by a rookie. Or any one sim for that matter. Hopefully she’ll find a better method for safe woohooing in the future so she doesn’t wind up with too many of these accidents. She hasn’t yet. It was just announced that she and her new significant other are expecting. I bet you’re wondering what happened to the previous accident. So was I. Turns out she gave birth to a boy, EA has the most appalling spelling for names, so little Paul is currently identified as “Pawel”.

A quick look at the game a few minutes ago brought yet another surprise (ain’t that why we love SP?). lol At some point after KerryAnn and Tiffany moved into Sarah’s house to live with Vlad, Sarah moved out. She took Jason and Janie, but left Isaac and Jacob behind. What’s up with that??? They’re all Vlad’s kids, so maybe SP thought a simple division of the assets, or in this case the kids, was in order. But Jason and Janie have the Schlick last name, Isaac and Jacob have the Abraham last name, you would think they’d have stayed with the parent with the same last name… Anyway, I’m a little more old fashioned than that and added the younger boys to their mom’s home. Hmm…. just now realizing that mom moved into a high rise….. meaning a 1 bedroom apartment…… I may need to make another adjustment to this housing arrangement.

Just to make sure you’re up to date on everything….

The Hayes Bunnies are up to seven kids with the addition of Emma, who will be aging up to toddler today. Their oldest, Brandon, married Brittany Gaines and moved in with her and her dog, Gandolf. They have a son, Christian. Brittany has been given the title of Town Helsing, which is a job she takes very seriously. She has already been arrested twice and gone to the hospital at least that many times due to Helsing activities. Oddly enough, her husband has chosen to join her in this pastime. Hannibal and Hannah have aged up to young adult but they still live at home with their parents. Hannibal has joined the military and Hannah is working as an extra at the Plumbob Pictures Backlot. Brianna is a teen, and Gracie and Grant are in grade school.

Elvira has killed several sims since moving to the new town. Starting with Matthew Sullivan — thankfully that game ran into an Error 12 on the way out and Matthew was still alive in the previous save. She has also taken out two others who remain dead. Vlad has been exercising his kill skill with the ruthless slaughter of Angelina Frio Charming. A favor I had been asking him to do for me (but one which he did entirely autonomously). I don’t know why, maybe it was just her name, but I never liked Angelina. His grand total is now 20 sims — earning him level 5 in the skill. Elvira has a mere 16, and is still only at level 4.

Moe and KerryAnn have both taken new jobs. Although Moe has been retired from his position as fire chief since his very first lifetime…. and his life as a ghost fire chief…. it seemed like he should have something productive to do with some of his time. KerryAnn worked at the theater when she was young, I don’t remember her having a job though as she aged up, so now was as good a time as any to start earning money to support her family. Right? Both of them have opted for a career in the film industry. However neither of them work at the Plumbob Pictures Backlot. Oddly enough, their films are being produced at the criminal warehouse. All I can say is, I hope father and daughter don’t have any scenes together. That could be awkward. There is one other sim in town, Nina Lomax, who is on the same career path. She could spare Moe the embarrassment of having to work too closely with KerryAnn. For his first day on the job, Moe spent his time “hanging out” with other cast members. I can only imagine what that really means.

Addendum: After writing all that and going back to the game, I had to go back to the very beginning before any of today’s activities took place. I had started the process of getting Sarah and the kids moved to a 3 bedroom apartment when I noticed that she had less than 500 simoleans to her name. When we left the old Sunset Valley she and Vlad were rather well off, so this didn’t sit well. I went to Vlad to have him give her some funds but discovered that he and KerryAnn only had about 5000 in their account. Not exactly the millionaires they had been. It’s probably because I was trying to minimize the number of households packed so not every household got its own little bundle. The family funds of households that didn’t get their own pack probably got left behind and the family was given a small stipend upon unpacking. Lesson learned.

Anyway, back to the story — I shut the game down when there weren’t enough funds to accommodate Sarah’s need for a bigger apartment. I figured if I went back to a time before KerryAnn moved in and Sarah moved out I could figure out what went wrong with the money. Which I did. I just didn’t like the answer. At that point I decided it would make more sense for Vlad, Joey, and Amir to move into a house large enough to add KerryAnn and Tiffany, than for Sarah to walk away from the house she inherited from Ariel Charming. After getting them settled I went to do some remodeling on the Bunnies’ Hutch and about the time I had everything just the way I wanted it, the game crashed. Grr. I had, at least, saved after moving Vlad and the teens so I didn’t have to go back quite as far as previously. I finally have everything approximately back to where it was when I started writing earlier. And everything is saved. 🙂 KerryAnn and Vlad got married again. KerryAnn and Tiffany moved into the house. Vlad took a dump and busted the toilet. Ebony Huffman came over to fix the toilet, then took the opportunity to woohoo with Joey. After which she felt very nauseous. Seriously, that is not a good indicator of the young gigolo’s talent in bed. LOL Or maybe there’s gonna be a little Joey in a few days…… If he wants to be a cowboy, will you get mad at me if I start calling him Little Joe? I’ll even give him a pinto pony!

Ugh: I forgot that I added a longer pregnancy mod after shutting the game down the first time. At the time that the mod entered the game Elaine was still pregnant. I took care of that for her. She hadn’t signed up for a 10 day pregnancy so I figured 96 hours was long enough. lol This time the game decided to name the boy Brain. I’m sorry, but I just can’t have a sim named Brain in the game again. So Moe now has a son named Brian. His second boy ever. Awwwww. And apparently during the course of this 96 hour pregnancy Elaine decided to forgive Moe for his indiscretions with Sarah because she was all over him at Evan’s party. I’m not sure Evan had intended for the party to extend to the bedroom like that…..

I was right about Vlad. Ok, we were ALL right about Vlad. As soon as KerryAnn left the house, Vlad headed straight over to Sarah’s bed. He rang the bell and kindly introduced himself first, but didn’t waste much time heading upstairs. After a quickie in the bedroom on one side of the house, they sprinted to the bed in the room on the other side of the house. Did their thing there while I was checking on Moe at the party, and were then apparently interrupted by a passel of kids excited to see mom and dad back together again. It still bugs me to see naked adults conversing with children as though that’s a perfectly normal thing to do in a non-nudist environment. That’s not right! lol

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